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After three weeks of not working and not doing much of anything physically exerting (other than climbing a mountain and driving 5000 miles) I found it difficult to contemplate both going back to work and trying to work out again after so long off the elliptical.

I caught a string of colds this last cold season from about Thanksgiving through to Easter, and it was hard to work out when I couldn't breath. We'd gone to the Rec. Center a few times since, and swam at the neighborhood pool, but for the three weeks of the vacation all we'd done was chase Jet around various hotel swimming pools. So it was with some trepidation that I faced the elliptical today.

Work turned out okay. Five hours of meetings in eight hours at work, one of then canceled, and the rest were 1:1's or meetings run by other folks. All but one, and that one was my group's meeting and they were pretty sympathetic about my lack of preparation. So I did well enough. My boss, though, threw a wrench amid some of my plans when he recruited one of my guys to fight a fire that, admittedly, needed fighting. The fire will swallow a few weeks of time, but I agree with the priorities of the decision.

So it all turned out okay, not nearly as bad as my stupid brain kept saying it would be. Just another day, and there will be more.

I really, really didn't want to work out today, either. But I let John drag me there, with a very sleepy and whiny Jet, but as soon as Jet saw that it was the Rec Center he perked up. When he heard the wild yell of, "JET!" from the lady there that loves him to pieces, he beamed and really got into her giving him three whole stamps on his hands. He loved that, and happily went into the "toy room" and talked with the lady there about what he wanted to play with.

John and I went upstairs and worked out. He mostly ran and did a few weights. I did 25 minutes of elliptical, set back to 3 so I could survive it and got over 150 Kcals which is better than I have done for six months, I think. So that's progress. I then did the inner and outer thigh weights, as it seems to really help the muscles on the outside of my thighs. They get really, really tight trying to stabilize me in my chair at work, so I have to move them and move them against resistance to get them to loosen up. It hurts like hell, but it always feels better afterwards. It was odd, but for the last three minutes of the elliptical, motion felt good.

Bodies in motion...

The three of us went swimming, then, and zoomed about the pool. Jet's now swimming ALL around the Lazy River, grabbing me when it got too crowded and he couldn't get around all the big kids. I could see adults reaching towards him everywhere he went, but as soon as they saw him take a few breaths, they wouldn't quite grab him, but would watch in something like awe. Wow. Jet did get whonked in the head (against the wall of the pool even) by one raft filled with two girls that were a little out of control; but he recovered nicely, and seems completely fine.

Afterwards we went north to the Thai Kitchen and had peanut curry with beef and kai cashew chicken with fragrant jasmine rice. The mixtures of tastes and textures are always satisfying, and Jet ate half the serving bowl of rice. Hungry boy. He then demanded that he get his treat from the Rec. Center cafe, so we went back there, and I told the front desk guy that we were just going to the cafe. He waved us through and shrugged.

Jet picked a kid-sized orange creamsicle and ate it in big bites while declaring "It's HARD." Hee. It was perfect for him, and only seventy-five cents, so I had no objections whatsoever. John and I dropped by a DQ for a quick, dipped cone and a small hot fudge sundae with pecans. Cheaper and probably far less fat than Cold Stone. It was also a small indulgence that didn't make me feel bloated. Yum.

A good day to kick start getting back into the routine.
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