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... my body chemistry, even without the hormonal impulse, is still attracting mosquitoes like mad. I have half a dozen bites simply from ten minutes in my vegetable garden trying to clear out the wreckage that 10 days without supplemental drip irrigation did. We have an all-over yard sprinkler system that gets most of my veggie garden three times a week, but with the drip turned off by the painters for ten days while we were away, the zucchini, of all things, was shriveling up and dying!

The tomatoes, carrots, rosemary, and chives thrived even in that, and the sunflowers are now about twelve feet tall! Yeesh. In Jet-parlance, "They're e-NOR-mous!"

Man, I've never had stressed zucchini plants before. My.

And evenso, both plants produced one arm length fruit about six inches across. The rest of the blossoms fell off or the fruit shrivelled on the plants. We've eaten most of one, and I took the other to work, and left it in the breakroom with a printout of the recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Cake. Both vegetable and recipe were gone minutes later.
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