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So Jet had his checkup today, and he's a happy and healthy 19 lbs and 4 ozs, which is only in the 30th percentile, so despite all the people who tell us he's big for 9 months, he's actually a little smaller than normal. Well, all except for his head, which is an 80th percentile in head size. Big brained baby. It often makes baby clothing hard to put on him, especially when we have to get it over his head. He doesn't like some of the outfits, especially the ones I call the 'Born Again' outfits that take a supreme effort to get his head through.


He didn't have to have any shots, so no sore legs to deal with for the rest of the day. We did, however, have to draw some blood from his big toe. The nurse was really good at it, and got plenty in her sample and when we were done, she gave Jet a neon green, one piece jet airplane for his toy. He took to it immediately and tried to eat it and back up from the nurse at the same time. Smart kid. He played with it until he fell asleep while we went home.

My appointment with the more experienced dentist went well. He says that it should feel better in three to four days, and he did have to do some extensive rework of the 'adjustments' by the Macri family guys. He had all the same tools and tricks that Dr. Snyder had, and that reassured me immensely. I know whom I'm going to for my next checkup and if the nerves don't clear up in a week or so I know whom I'm going to go to to get that 'fixed' as well. Yeah... it'll be on the order of pulling a few teeth if things don't calm down.

He did say that it would be a week without a guard, and three or four days with the guard, so he really believes in bite guards. There are cracks, now, throughout my guard, and it may well be time, soon, to get a new one. They're four or five hundred dollars a pop, which makes the cavalier treatment by the local dentists just that much more maddening, but it's well worth the teeth I'd otherwise lose.

So it doesn't look like I'll have to, immediately, get teeth pulled, and I can wait, at least, until after Orycon and the Motrin has a good enough handle on the pain that I'll probably be able to eat what I please while I'm there. I'm glad of that. In fact, though, by this afternoon my teeth feel better than they did this morning. So that's something.

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