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Tired and grumpy. My MP is seems to be on track again, cycling through full-bore this time, cramps and everything. Bleh. At least it seems healthily on time and normal again.

I need to tell the folks at my church, "I cannot be involved in any committees because I have 14 meetings a week at work and my job is to schedule and attend even MORE meetings on top of that and talk with people I don't know in every one of them." There is no way on Earth I can face ANY more people on my time off, it's so hard as it is.

I think my inner perfectionist is getting beaten over the head so many times it had better die or move aside or get a new view of how to approach people its never met before. Or something.

I just have to try and fail a lot and figure it out and not worry. Just learn from Jet.

Jet's been incredible, tonight and last night, on his bike that John bought from Alex. He rode to the bank and back with John last night, and we rode bikes to the Cold Stone Creamery tonight. I have to stay in a really, really low gear, but I can just keep up with him. It's nice. But the mosquitoes were out and biting like mad. Still Jet kept peddling and stayed moving, so he didn't get attacked like I did when I got off my bike to help him through a rocky patch and keep a gate open for him.

I hate my body chemistry.

Anyway... he rode the whole mile plus, no problem, and was willing to ride back but it was dark, so John rode back and brought the van to take us home in. Thank you, John!

Yesterday Jet took a header when he got too confident and started singing while he rode and didn't look where he was going. Oops. Yay for helmets! Then he got going too fast and wrapped his foot around a pedal. Oops. But he was okay. No blood no foul. He also adopted a crouch stance, "From the bike men in the race movie." All those days of the Tour rubbed off a little, I guess. But he would crouch down and pedal like mad. Hee. We found a route that included a big parking lot so he could wander about it happily.

It was fun, but I was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs about where he was and what car might hit him. Bah.

We'd had a good evening. I got him at 4, and we went to PetSmart to peer at aquariums, bugs, and frog keeping equipment. After the frog incident the other evening, I thought it might be cool to bring more frogs into existence to make up for it, karmically (REI had a poster that said, "Stewardship: A fancy work for karma." I want the poster). There are web resources for raising tadpoles to frogdom, but a lot of the tadpoles look like they might be for bull frogs, which I'm not for. Those things get so immense they'll actually eat small, live rodents! Ee. I loved Frogland, as it's full of humorous information about frogs and the guy writes in an interesting and personal manner. Quite a few links are broken there, though.

But the local ponds probably have tadpoles, too, and helping them reach maturity without birds, fish, and other things eating them when they're small might be enough. We'll see.

Jet was fascinated, though. I was amazed at how cheap male bettas are and full-fledged betta aquariums are were about ten bucks with everything including a running filter and water conditioner and food. Yeesh. I might have to get one. We had fun wandering through and seeing everything.

Dinner was teriyaki short ribs, rice, and green beans. I've finally finished the frozen ones so I can now buy fresh. Yum. Sweet corn is starting here, now, so we need to do some of that, too. After we'd come back from the trip we'd gone to Whole Foods to buy our dinner, and one of the things that the "deli" had (I think it's more a pre-cooked food area) was chili-lime roasted ears of sweet corn. Wow. They were cold, but wow were they GOOD. I'll have to try and make that sometime, maybe with just regular chili powder. I'd also found a cannister of Dagoba cocoa, which had that magical mixture of sugar, cocoa, and bittersweet chocolate. All the cocoa bean parts were Fair Trade, all of it was organic. Made in Oregon, I love their bars. The cocoa has not disappointed. I now make my mochas with the stuff and it's gorgeously silky and smooth.

It was good to not have to pay shipping on it.

So home was healing. I'm glad of that.

And after the darkness fell, it's been COLD outside, and it's felt wonderful as the house fan has sucked out all the heat. I think it's supposed to be 90's again tomorrow, but not 100's. I think that'll be good. The painters were finally here, again, and they figure they'll be done by the end of the week, but we've heard that for the last three weeks. I can hope, though.

Yesterday I pulled my left shoulder, somehow, and it's still a bit stiff, but with the cold I can actually use a heatpad on it and not sweat like a pig. That will be nice.
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