Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

So I'm not having to take pain killers to eat anything today. Which is definitely progress. The toothguard is really helping, now that it's actually adjusted correctly and I didn't have any problems with it during the night, last night. Jet had a bad night, too, so it wasn't without it's own stressors. If anything I probably was grinding pretty good last night.

Jet caught an Instant Cold. Haley got it from a girl that was sick on Sunday, Haley got sick Sunday night, and she saw Jet yesterday, after his doctor's appointment, so last night, right on cue, Jet was stuffy, coughing, and unhappy.

Haley's better today, and the girl that was sick on Sunday was much better just a day or two later, so I have hope that Jet won't be completely crabby when he gets on a jet on Thursday. I can hope, can't I? Of course, with that hope is the hope that John and I don't just come down with it tonight. Bam...

Jet was really miserable last night, though, and we had him propped up in his Nest again, and John or I slept next to him and just listened to him breath. John was hearing bad wheezing things happening, which is why he was worried enough to have me take the second shift. Jet woke up at 5:30 and ate off me and then played like crazy with John. He as happy as happy could be, though his nose was running like a river.

Babies are pretty amazing. Or maybe it's just Jet, but he's cheerful in situations that would have had me really grumpy really quickly.

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