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Hot Fair and Sky High

Saturday we bought sweet corn at one of the farmers' markets, so we decided we had to have dinner at home. And since, when going to the County Fair, half the fun is the food, we had to go to the fair for lunch, which, in retrospect, might not have been the best of reasonings, but so it is.

We went at 11:30 am, when the temps were just hitting 95. There was nearly no one there, the ride guys were hiding under their umbrellas, and the seats were hot, and there were, at most, two or three kids on any and every ride that Jet decided to go on. We bought him the $20 wrist band, and he was kind of half-hearted about using it in the heat. Plus he refused, completely, to eat anything, just drink. Which, in that heat was understandable as I wasn't really that hungry, either, and between the three of us, we sucked down seven quart-sized lemonaides and iced teas (with plenty of ice). A vendor sold a $3.50 quart of iced lemonade with the promise that you could get a refill for $1 any time after that. So we took advantage of that given the prices in the rest of the area.

Around 1, John and I ate, and Jet finally conceded to eat some Kettle Corn after seeing the guy don blast helmet and asbestos gloves and canoe paddle and wade into the fray with flying popcorn. It was gorgeous stuff, fresh, crisp, with sparkling sugar coat. The whole grain aspect of it meant that Jet's temper evened out quickly after he dove in. So we got to see some of the animal barns (including the Thank God Air Conditioned poultry barn) and the central exhibit space. I got a corn dog, John got a burger, we all shared some spiral spuds. Then Jet did a few more rides, and then was amazed to see Mikayla and Miss Kelly! Yay!

With Mikayla to egg him on, Jet went on EVERYTHING. The operators broke a handful of rules letting the two of them on the dragon rollercoaster (as Jet was short enough he was supposed to ride with and adult AND Mikayala only gave them two tickets for a three ticket ride) and several other rides, but they ended up on the Ferris Wheel on the last of Miss Kelly's tickets. So we had to stop then. Jet was really cranky tired by then, as they went off to the demolition derby, and we thought about heading home. Jet, however, dug his feet in and decided he HAD to see the cows and insisted that they were in the goat and sheep area. Hmmm...

He's gotten really obstinent lately, contradicting us on everything we say with a "No..." I think this is what the Terrible Twos were supposed to have been about. With a little patience and time we did get to see the cows and horses and llamas! Yay, llamas with misting fans! It was so cool and they were so beautiful.

Then there was the petting zoo, where Jet got a bag of food and fed lots of critters, most of them voluntarily. He found a tiny piglet who happily rooted into Jet's bag and ate and ate until it was all gone. Then it butted at Jet until Jet fell over, and it tried to climb into Jet's lap. Jet was giggling hysterically at all that while trying to get up. Then Jet chased the little piggy around and around, gently petting it all over and asking for MORE food.

He then demanded one more ride, THREE times. We said two is enough, and when the sticking point came, he got off with a pout and stomped out with us. He then insisted that he wanted to go back to eat his dinner, but when John served him his bowl of noodles, Jet didn't stop eating to even breathe. Wow. He sucked down the whole thing and all the soup and asked for and got more. He half finished the other half and asked to go to bed at 8:30!

I was half done roasting the sweet corn on the grill. So John took Jet up and they did pajamas and brush teeth and started reading. I ate my corn, washed my face, and went up and read some more until Jet was asleep as John ate. We had corn and slow roasted chuck. Simple and plenty after the fair food. So it was a good, hot trip to the fair. I was extremely thankful for my shower that night.

Sunday we woke up too late for church, and I was glad of it for once. We went to Niwot and ate at the really nice breakfast place there. Jet demolished his happy face, fruit pancake, and I ate a lot of my French Toast. John had something with green chilies and we were all happier for the food. We then did a very short shopping trip at the grocery store. It pays to eat before grocery shopping. John went off to get washers for a lot of the outdoor faucets of the house (they were getting old and dry and leaky). Jet and I played video games for a while as John had to turn off the house water to get all the repairs done.

Then I napped for a bit.

The J's went to the pool and spent two hours while I read a bit of my Canadian version of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I'm so glad tryptophan recommended that I buy mine from Canada, as they were printed on recycled paper AND all the words are proper British sweets (sherbet lemons), phrasing, and spelling. Yah!

When they came back I got Jet showered and into his bath. He likes taking bathes after his shower from the same water so he can play with his toys for a bit. So I was able to cook some salmon fillets, boil some green beans, and pick some tomatoes from the garden. The garden tomatoes are doing great this year, with the regular morning watering, I have NO blossom end rot, and the shade from the sunflowers and all the foliage that accumulated through the summer means no sunburnt tomatoes out in the garden either. The patio tomato, this year, did much worse than last year's. This year's patio tomato had some of its tomatoes cooked while they were still attached to the plant by the 100+ degree temperatures on the patio. I have some hopes for the tomatoes that are still green on the plant, but the raised garden tomatoes are gorgeous and so plentiful it's nearly frightening. Each flowering cluster has six to eight full-sized fruit on them and they're ripening fast in this heat.

I got a whole mixing bowl of fruit from just going out and picking. The mosquitoes, however, were trying to get me, too, and I got half a dozen bites in as much time as it took to pick the tomatoes and see that the zucchini are still extremely unhappy. Meep.

I should have used DEET, but I was thinking five minutes in the garden should get me into TOO much trouble. Yeesh was I wrong. Feels a bit like Russian Roulette what with West Nile out here.

Anyway... we had a great dinner. I added corkscrew pasta with pesto from the basil I'd grown myself, and it was very good indeed. Jet ate a whole green bean along with his noodle soup. So we went to the Twin Peaks Mall and saw Sky High there. It was campy, Disney Goodness with plenty of working family and good, comicbook fun. I enjoyed it a lot, and loved how it all worked out. Yay! Kurt Russell in Disney movies again, as the insufferably good big-chin guy. :-) Fun.


Jet was so tired with no nap and two hours of swimming that he had to keep moving, constantly, while I was reading him his bedtime stories. When he was still for nursing, he turned out like a light. Poof. One of the teachers at Seven Oaks said that she wished she could clone Jet's napping ability. Basically he asks a teacher to cover him up, she then rubs him gently on the back for a couple of minutes and he's passed out on his cot while everyone else is still running around wondering where their nap matts are...
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