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Small Celebration

We're finally done with the painters! They got the last bits redone today after John and I had lunch at home to see how they'd gotten around to the very last details. They apologized for not having enough people to do the job in a timely manner, they hadn't hired anyone to just finish such a big job. Ah well. I believe them when they said that they were mildly embarrassed by how long it took. I don't think, however, that we'll recommend them to anyone or use them again. They did a good enough job, though, for a house that we're thinking of selling in a year or two.

So we went out to dinner, and Jet had a root beer float.

When he and I first came home, we shared one of the banana muffins with cream cheese spread on it. He liked that and it was good enough for him that the float didn't make him run rampant the way some things can. He had some onion rings (new!) and fries with it.

At dinner, though, Jet was arguing like he has been for the last week or so. Everything was getting contradicted. In the car, John played with it and declared negatives on a bunch of things, that Jet then cheerfully and laughingly turned positive. So there is a way to "deal" with it, and I think we're learning, again.

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