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Senior Staff Engineer

I'm now officially a Senior Staff Engineer. My first promotion since joining the company, and, honestly it's the first time I took the additional responsibility steps it took to get the promotion. First time I really wanted to, too, and felt the problems were interesting enough to do.

It's nice to be acknowledged and I won't sneeze that the raise and stock options, either.

But it's been an interesting delve into what really motivates me and what doesn't. Learning about this new problem they've thrown me at has been far more "cool" than the larger paycheck. I haven't even upped my allowance, though I did take the opportunity to spend some on a bargain basement Sheaffer Intrigue that I've wanted for a while and now can get at half price. Having someone who was behaving quite badly be investigated by my boss with the intent to help correct that behavior has me much, much happier than the change in title. I'd rather enjoy my work than be labeled for it, I guess.

It's taken a year and a half for me to finally get motivated enough to have new business cards made, now that EVERYTHING on my old card is now wrong, including the address, since we moved sites. Okay, everything other than my name, and that's why one hands out cards anyway...

Maybe I can now get my hair dyed green, and not rely as much on the white hairs as I do on my title? Nah... better to just have green hair for its sake. I love having a marketing job where having green hair might be an asset.
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