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Sick Baby

Poor Jet. He had another sad night, and yesterday evening he was coughing like crazy after his nap. I guess stuff just accumilated while he was asleep and it took him a good fifteen to twenty minutes to clear it out. I did hold him while he was struggling with that and that seemed to at least make it less terrible for him. I guess it's a lesson about life for him, that things may well be terrible, but, while he's a kid, he doesn't have to do it alone.

We called the nurse and talked things through with her and she said that he could have both a baby decongestant and a baby cough suppressor, but we decided to only use the first, if there's stuff in there I don't really want to suppress his ability to get it out even if there is a little loss of sleep for all concerned. He had a pretty hard time until 1, and then we added some Tylenol, and that seemed to do the trick for his comfort level. He was up every hour before 1 and found it really hard to get back to sleep, after the Tylenol he went back to sleep comfortably and only got up at 7. He's pretty tired, still.

John and I are pretty tired, still, too, and I can feel the cold scratching at the back of my throat, too. It's going to be a very interesting cold season and it looks as if, once again, we're going to be trashed when we travel. I did get him to Joan's on time, and just put him and his seat into Joan's mini-van as she was going to take Alex to pre-school. I had arrainged that yesterday because I had a nine o' clock meeting so I had to deliver him early and I'll pick him up before lunch time.

Jet was actually really happy on the way over and he was smiling and touched Alex's cheek, gently, when he got to see Alex. Joan says that whenever they pick Alex up from pre-school, even if Jet is fast asleep the moment he hears Alex's voice he wakes up. So Jet really likes being with Alex. Jet is coughing, sneezing, and trying to get stuff up, and I'll keep him off the decongestant today so that he gets a chance to get all the viri out. But he actually seems pretty happy even with all that going on.

Both John and I are tired and stressed and we'll get to deal with traveling tomorrow, too. I think we'll do okay, as we had the same kinds of problems the last two trips and did okay as well. Sleep deprivation is a state one can get used to, and I had plenty of practice even before Jet. So we'll see how we do.

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