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Garden Weekend

Friday Jet and I did roses, the library, and mango ice cream balls.

Saturday was the local farmer's stand, errands galore, and cedar-plank salmon.

Today I am sick. Sniffly and head-stuffed, I now understand WHY everything was tasting so faint the last couple of days. I now understand Jet's attitude of the last week, too. I am tired. Really, bone-achingly tired.

Jet was up at 5:45 this morning, and he asked me to sleep on his bed, so I did and he rolled and kicked and wiggled and...

At 7, Jet says, "It's getting to be Sunday outside." And, indeed it was. So I asked John to trade, and I slept until about 8:30, got up, did short abulations, and was ready to go to church with the boys. I feel now that I probably should have stayed home. Bleh. I sniffled, sneezed, and blew my nose through the service. I helped John sell coffee during the Vacation Bible School Meeting, and then sat down and the pastor's husband said to me, "You look exhausted."


We went home when everyone else as gone, but I remembered that I should probably water the new rose bush, so we went back. Jet refused to wait in the car, and when he got to the garden he had to water some of the bushes, and he pulled the hose so that he could do so. I got a couple of buckets of water and poured them over the newly planted bush, which looked okay to me. Still wet from the day before, not dried out, which is good.

We went home after that, with Jet protesting mightly about having to leave The Garden. We got home, John made hot dogs, John and I ate them while Jet played with a train. Jet finally asked from some rice, so John heated some for him, and Jet refused to eat much of it at all. Then John brought out the chocolate wafer cookies, and with that incentive, Jet ate ALL the rice and sprinkles, and then polished off all the cookies to boot. He was MUCH happier after that.

After a battle about the potty, we went down into the basement and watched at Wallace and Gromet movie. John started to bike.

So I went upstairs and napped. They did stuff. I woke up and went out into the garden and found that there are a LOT of ripe tomatoes. So I picked what I could and I got bit on the cheek and on the shoulder by mosquitoes. Dang. John went out later and got the ones I had seen that were between the plants and I couldn't reach them from ground level. Between the two of us, we filled four big mixing bowls with tomatoes. Jet played in the sand box with his hat on and was, therefore, mostly mosquito proof for him. They only seem to bite his forehead.

The two of them went off to swim with Dean and Mikayla. I gave Dean a bowlful of tomatoes and he brought the bowl back half an hour later. "They were delicious," he said. Hee. There's a mountain family at work that can't grow tomatoes, so they will always take extras and we have a LOT of extras. I should probably feed the plants.

I have a feeling that between the drip irrigation system and all the egg shells in the dirt (we compost all our egg shells. They don't break down, but they seem to supply calcium in spades to the plants) and picking the actual Early Girl hybrid has all combined with this summer's weather for a bumper crop. They're really delicious, a little thick-skinned, but that's proven useful in a lot of picking situations and in bringing them to work and to people.

I am low energy. We'll probably go out for dinner, then do grocery shopping. I have a pile of coupons from today's paper, which I need to sort. I also want to backfill some more entries from the road trip. I called one of our neighbors that sells scrapbooking supplies so that I can make a scrapbook of the roadtrip. Not just the reunion, but our whole trip. I also have ambitions to make a picture book of the reunion, itself, with text. We'll see if that happens.
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