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Celestial Seasonings Decaf Green Tea

Bought: Well... gotten for free at work as part of the free drinks program here. It was the innocuous foil pouch with a tea bag in it.
Brewed: Hot water right from the coffee machine tap (likely about 180 by the time it settled in the cold cup). 4 ounces of water in a cup for approximately 3 minutes, then I applied honey and ice as I wanted an iced tea, and I'm certainly not too proud to down a few innocuous antioxidents.

Green grass/hay flavors, probably dust (floor sweepings as the Chinese say) from dragons well or sencha in there, it's a mix and beyond that I can't really tell what varietals went in there. No nuttiness, so it's unlikely they used some the small leaf greens like bi lo chun. Surprisingly mellow (no bitters even with the longer brewing cycle) and no sharp or distinctive flavors in any direction, so they did a good job picking mellower greens.

5 of 10 as it's definitely green and it's not at all offensive and rather nice for a simple glass of iced green in the afternoon without keeping me up all night.
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