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Home Alone

John and Jet are at the Bible Vacation School. It goes from 6pm until sometime around 8 or 8:30? I don't know. I just know that I'm home alone, and it's amazing to be able to watch what I want and actually THINK about the scrapbook I want to make about our trip out East and back.

I bought a simple scrapbook, just pages with protector pockets and I have a ton of paper and the pictures at home. I also got a few acid-free/photo safe pens. I may have to buy some kind of glue that's photosafe, too, or something. Most of the photos I'm using are prints from my digital photos so making copies won't be a problem. A few are photos from John's rolls of real film, so I want to be more careful with those.

I'm cheerfully trying to lay out the pages before I do anything approximating glueing things, and figuring out what pictures I need out of the ones that I haven't printed, yet, but it's kind of hard. I may need to just print a thumbnail of EVERYTHING and use that for a quick mockup of what I want all the pages to look like. Of course, never having done this before it may result in my taking YEARS to do one book of one trip. :-)

My cold has gone away. I used the air cleaner in our room last night, and I slept nearly 12 hours between a daytime nap and last night's sleep, and my head cold is nearly gone. Jet's is still around, and I'm a little worried, so I'll probably put the air cleaner in his room tonight.
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