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Decaf Donkey Blend

Bought: 3 months ago, green, from Sweet Maria's. Yeah, they have funny names for their green blends.

Roasted: 20 seconds into second crack, which left it pretty dark, Vienna roast rather than Full City. Aromantic as anything.

Brewed: MC40 with usual prep, ground with the Solis Maestro at the espresso icon.

Decaf green coffee beans are strange critters. They've been processed to get the caffeine out, so they're shriveled up and dark already, so they roast much more quickly than normal beans. Odd little guys.

It roasted up smelling good, and when I brewed it, it has proved impressive for a decaf. Tasty, caramel, earth, and chocolate like bittersweetness, no real high notes, but a good base taste. A little less body than I'd like. Pretty good crema for two days, less after that, so I have to be careful to roast it only when I need it. But to my tastes it still tastes pretty good even after that. It's easy to get to be good, but hard to make great, but I'll take good when I need an evening cup of comfort.

8 of 10 for a decaf. ;-)
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