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Golden Monkey

okay, okay. My day for Odd Names...

Bought: Imperial Tea Court, about six months ago.

Brewed: Yixing clay, my black tea pot which was pre-washed in boiling water. 2 tsp to 4 oz boiling (203 degrees Farenheit) water for 5 slow tai chi breaths (about a minute), 6 breaths for the 2nd steep. Third steep was very weak compared to the other two, so I just threw it out.

First steep: Clean tea aromatics with hints of wildflower honey/fruit. Crisp flavor with just the beginnings of the sweet maltiness and some tannins and toast. Beautifully light finish.

Second steep: Less fragrant, more complex and the flavor dives deep to full malted grains on the tea tannin depths. Honey gold complexity on a very familiar TEA basis. The color is gold-brown, a little red tinge. With all the flavors in the mouth, the finish was surprisingly clean and much like the initial flavors, no souring after affect from the sweetness. Very nice. With a meeting getting in the way of the last of this, even the cold dregs were a nice refresher before going home.

Golden Monkey is one of my favorites, and when I'm tired of things that are too perfumey (oolongs), too tricky (greens), or too weird (flavored or herbals or pu-erh) I turn back to this one.

9 of 10

And, yes, my co-worker's eyes get big at the sheer number of tins (14 at today's count with 1 coffee jar) and brewing implements (4 tea filters/pots/things and 1 paper coffee filter) I have at work. I'm rather into variety more than anything else, as I'll keep old teas around for a while as I just want the change more than having it be perfect.
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