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Ride Sharing

John rode my bike to work this morning, and I dropped Jet off at pre-school with the car. So when John went to get Jet I got to ride my bike home. Now that is kind of fun.

I'm home alone again, and with advice from palinade and silkiemom I went to a scrapbooking store and found two kinds of photo-safe stickum, a glue stick and a dispenser of little, clear, two-sided tape pieces that are square. Keen!

, I shoved a frozen pizza into a toaster oven for Jet. John had had a HUGE burrito for lunch, so he just ate two tiny slices of pizza from Jet's pizza. Jet only ate one, and then dove into a bag of goldfish crackers. Dang. So I finished off the other half of the pizza and peered in the fridge for "more". But then I got distracted by my notebook with the scrapbooking page ideas in it, and I haven't eaten anything since. Hm... I should drink something.

I did make note of all the pictures that I was missing for the page I had planned, and I put them all on a memory card to take to Target and see how they do. But shutterfly was having another "get 15 prints free" thing, and I'm peering and it's over now. So I may just take it to Target.

I still haven't actually made a page yet. Courage and all that... :-) Taking scissors to pictures is pretty scary stuff for me. Hee.

I have two huge projects due at work next Monday. One I turned into the folks that really cared today, after a pretty harsh review. I was grateful as it turned into something that was much better for the folks involved. The presentation is more what they were wanting and since they're participating in giving it, it seemed appropriate to shape it more to their needs. Still. It was hard.

I also have the results of a dozen different interviews that I have to summerize, make coherent, and then present as well to a different set of people, entirely. I put all the raw stuff together yesterday, and I have two more interviews to do so I don't want to make a summery that doesn't take it all into account. But with the due date looming so closely, I need to get started. It's odd to realize that my main value in all this was just being willing to listen to these folks, a few of them were even sounding like they were getting something off their chest that they'd been dying to tell SOMEONE, especially someone that wasn't being defensive about what already exists. But that folks are afraid of asking people to talk about stuff is so basic... but it feels so weird to have it be so easy for me to just say, "Hey, can we talk about this?" and have them give me coherent and very cool data.

Strengths, I guess.

Now to communicate the data... which should be okay, too.

It's just a lot of work and a little scary, but it'll be good to get done. Pressure on my head.

The J's are at Vacation Bible School again, as Jet was going out the door he was asking John why Mom isn't coming? John was saying that she just doesn't want to...

Maybe that's what I pay for being able to talk with folks, just any energy to be social in a random way is just gone.
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