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Two Pages!

"Every artist was first an amateur."
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882), Letters and Social Aims: Progress of Culture, 1876

Okay, I am hooked. Did just two pages last night, wasn't brave enough to tackle the title page, yet, but I'll get there... and it was lots of fun, felt like being back in elementary school, scissors, glue, pretty pens and an empty page. It was cool. I spent nearly two hours on just the two pages, using printouts of Mapquests maps to mark the route we took and then adding pictures for a number of our stopping points and journal snippets for the ones without pictures. This is going to take forever, as these were fairly simple pages, no matting, no framing, no fancy titles.

But it was FUN. Especially compared to various digital tools for doing it without the textural feedback of cutting and gluing and shaping the pictures, extras, and pages. I'm now digging up paper I'd forgotten I had, pens and inks and markup tools that I haven't used in years, and old drafting, cutting, and paper shaping tools I'd forgotten I had. That's been a discovery in and of itself. Watercolors as a background to the Niagara Falls photos, stick figures for some of the camping bits, and Japanese textured origami papers for the pictures of kids flying dragon kites. Lots of fun. It's interesting trying to figure out what is acid-free and what's not, what should be touching pictures and what shouldn't. I found a whole set of Prismacolor pens that I can't figure out if they're safe or not, but until I do, I can just use them on separate pieces of paper and have them not touch the photos themselves.

John saved a bunch of ticket stubs, pamphlets and things for me, too, while we were on the trip, as he'd heard that T. managed to train her husband P. to do that for her scrapbooks. So he'd hand me stuff and I be like, "Uhm... why? Oh!" Hee.

With work being as heavy duty has it's been this has been a very welcome break.
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