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As discussed mildly with eyelessgame in comments from yesterday, Jet's definitely a phase where the only cure seems to be allowing him to just sit and howl in defiance of the World As It Is. Hours at a time, if need be.

He took from about 9 to about 11 to figure out that, indeed, Momma was NOT going to turn the TV on unless he had some breakfast. The window cleaners arrived at 10, and when they heard the howling, started tiptoeing about the house, trying to stay out of the way. I sat at the breakfast table and read whenever Jet decided to tell me WHY he should be allowed to watch TV and how he NEVER eats breakfast and how he ALWAYS got to drink and eat at the couch when he's never done so in his lifetime.


He finally decided, after being offered waffles, pancakes, a coffeecake I'd baked that morning, cereal, fruit, smoothies, and refused marshmallows, ice cream, and cookies, that he would deign to eat whole wheat banana muffins (no nuts!) with cream cheese. I guess I could do much worse. He then stopped crying like a switch getting flicked, and helped me make the muffins by putting everything in to the bowls and smashing the bananas.

While waiting for them to bake he cheerfully talked with the window washers, the house cleaners and played with some toys. He was happy as anything, and then he devoured two of the muffins with lots of cream cheese and a big glass of apple juice.

I guess I could have done a lot worse.

Then, when we were about to go out, after everyone was finally done with the house around 2 pm, Jet suddenly said, "Mom! Mom! There's a man on the roof!"

It turned out that they were a gutter company that John had engaged to get some of the gutters fixed and a few part of the roof had to have some gutters installed at all. They were supposed to be coming on Monday! I called John as soon as I found out the company name, and he said that, yes, they were supposed to work on the house, but they had said that they couldn't start until Monday. So I didn't bother them beyond the initial questions. Jet was intrigued enough that we had to stay, and John came home early to see how they were doing.

We had the chicken I roasted yesterday for dinner today. Jet had noodle soup and was squirrelly about eating it.

The two boys then went to church for the last of the five day Bible Vacation School. I was left with a quiet house, and a few wishes. I got into the van and headed into town only to find the library closed and the parking lots full around the one place I had thought about getting a slice of chocolate cake from and the other place where I thought I might get some Aveda face wash. Ah well. So I went to Hobby Lobby and wandered about until 8 pm, and found a book on Chinese brush painting that was both beautiful and really funny. It would have phrases like "add the boat and the fisherman, get a little brown and shade them in along with their shadow on the water..." and have the gorgeous painting of a fisherman with a hat on a perfect junk...

If I could follow instructions like that I might not need a book. :-)

But the bamboo lesson looked easy enough and the peonies are a gorgeous collection of paint splotches that I might actually be able to emulate. So I bought it as it was on sale. I was going to buy some more scrapbooking stuff, but I found out that at the end of August they're going to have a half off sale! Hooooiie!

When the boys came home I took over goodnight duties and Jet was twitchy and grumpy and way too active I finally had him run five times to our room and back and he finally settled down to nurse and went out like a light. Tired boy. I'm tired, too, it's been a strange, long week.
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