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Yay! Counter Meme!

We're home!

John's mom is an angel. She actually took care of Jet at night for three nights running. I am deeply in her debt. Wah!

I think that that is the first time in about nine months or even a full year that I've had an entire eight hours of sleep in one night. After leaking much milk on sheets, I actually fed Jet the next two nights, once, and then let her take care of him otherwise, and got much more good sleep. Planning wisely and Motrin for my teeth are my friends...

So the teeth are still extremely sensitive to cold, but otherwise they are better.

All the sleep trampled on the second Jet cold really well.

There was 72+ hours of rain in Seattle. It was so wonderful for us and all the locals were cursing it gently. REAL RIVERS, not the things they call rivers here that you can wade, there were real rivers with real water and lots of it and they were all surging with the rain they got while we were there. Sniff.

I think John and I were more homesick this trip than any other.

Jet now stands up when he has something to grab and he wobbles as he walks while clutching anything he can get a death grip on. I think it'll soon be time for more head plants as his too-large head ends up falling first, again, while he figures out walking balance.

I got to see tryptophan as well! Yay! Met her in the Internet Cafe and was bemused by that. That was pretty cool.

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