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By the Sea

It was a strange kind of weekend. Saturday I tried to let John sleep in, but he was up before 8. We had the muffins and coffeecake I'd baked on Friday for breakfast, and all we did was do small stuff around the house. Laundry, playing game, watching a bit of TV.

Jet loves Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi. Aiee. Kathy gave Jet a whole box of Comicon stuff, including a Nick regular DVD that included a bunch of episodes of stuff they show. Jet fell in love with the Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi, and cheerfully pushed the button on the Monkey Robot Hyper Team GO! giveaway hundreds and hundreds of times. Aiee. But he loved it and I hadn't the heart to take it away.

Someone came and bought a bunch of John's old Land Rover parts at 10. Then Jet and I did all the errands that I wasn't able to do yesterday. When we came home, John left on a bike ride to the local farmer's stand and bought sweet corn. John really felt that he'd finally had a bit of time to himself that didn't involve taking care of Jet at the Bible school. That was good.

Then we had a quiet dinner at home and puttered some more. Then we all went to sleep early as we had to get up really early.

I read a lot, too. Both The Peace War and Marooned in Realtime by Vernor Vinge and Nix's very dark Shade's Children, especially when one had a child...

So I dreamed of apocalypses that night, and it was pretty darned bad.

We got up at 6:30, I'd been up with Jet at 2:30 and sleeping by him helped the bad dreams go away for a bit. Maybe some physical concept of I can be there between him and Other Things helped. I'm not sure.

But we were up at 6:30, gulped what breakfast we could and then headed to church. We got there at about 7:50 and I started coffee for all the parents and that was a good thing as they had their first and last dress rehearsal of By the Sea. I made coffee for most of the morning, so that when they actually did the musical I was able to video tape the whole thing. Yay! Okay, and watch it and they did a darn good job for a one week production. :-) It was fun, too, for all the kids.

Lots of coffee and time later we headed towards home, stopped very briefly, and then headed south to Flat Irons where we got to see March of the Penguins. It's gorgeous, sad, and amazing. Very much what I remembered of old Disney animal kingdom type movies, which I haven't seen in decades, and as oddly sad and gorgeous at the same time. Afterwards Jet wanted to see talking penguins, not these kind. Then he asked, "Why couldn't the momma penguin keep her baby safe?" I said stuff about the really cold temperatures, the insane winds, the lack of food by the nesting site... and Jet shook his head and sighed, "I still don't get why the momma couldn't keep her baby safe."

And I just hugged him and he hugged me back.

Maybe that was enough.

When we got home, Jet was asleep. I went up and napped and dreamed some more of death and ice hard bodies and loss.


When I got up John made enchiladas for dinner. Yum. When Jet finished ALL his dinner, we headed to Cold Stone and had ice cream. Jet got his free cone with gummi bears and sprinkles on lemon sorbet. I had mango ice cream with yellow cake and a last minute addition of pistachios. I hadn't known they had those! If the ice cream had actually tasted of mango, I probably would have loved it. As it was it was oddly like vanilla ice cream without the vanilla and a faint hint of peaches...

John got banana with pistachios as well, though he'd seen the nuts before and had decided the time before to have them.

It was good though to just sit outside of the shop in the warmth of the summer evening and eat ice cream and talk with my boys.

When I got home I picked up Carpe Jugulum and a few chapters about pictsies and the witches later I didn't dream in apocalypse now images. Whew... but my left eye has started to twitch and I can't quite figure out why.
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