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John and I got time to work out while Jet watched A Bug's Life and we then went swimming. Near the beginning, after Jet got happily into the water, John went and found one of the instructors for the classes, and the young man asked Jet to do several things. Jet was so happy to be in the water, he clowned around with all of them. The floating on his back turned into a hands in the air butt dive. The getting out and jumping back in turned into a dramatic "fall" back into the water. The float on his front turned into a frog stroke going a good five feet at a time...

The guys said, "He's second level."

"Uhm. He's four. It's supposed to be one of those animal classes?" asked John.

The guy blinked, "Oh. I thought he was six. Uhm... definitely not turtles. Seal. I think he's a seal."

So Jet's now placed for his swimming classes. He got a big smile when he figured out that the guy thought he was SIX... a much bigger number than he is now. A funny thing happened during the musical practices... Jet told Rev. Anne that he did NOT play an instrument because he didn't have a big enough number. He was only a four, and only kids with much bigger numbers got to play instruments. To be mistaken for a kid with a bigger number, therefore, was a big deal for him, and he smiled for a very long time after getting that.

We then went around the Lazy River a dozen or three times, with Jet swimming most of the way around now, and only coming to us when there were too many rough housing Big Kids or when he was tired and wanted a ride around. We did the big tube slides a couple of times, and by then John and I were so exhausted that we told Jet he should do the kids' slide. He went up and down that several dozen times while we got to talk a bit.

Finally, at 7:15, we said we had to go and use the coupon for a free meal at Texas Roadhouse what Jet had earned by reading from the library. So Jet went, and we showered and got out to the lobby, where there's a concession stand.

"I want one of those!" demanded the Jet.

"No. You can't have a treat unless you eat dinner, first," says the mean old Mom.

"No! I NEVER eat dinner. I only ever eat candy!"


"Ha ha is a bad thing to say!"

"Oh, right. Uhm. Thank you for telling me what you want, Jet, but you're not getting candy until you eat you dinner. They might have root beer."

"Oh. Root beer. Okay..."

We arrived around 7:45, and Jet got his root beer and three of the rolls with butter and then, while waiting for his macaroni and cheese ("That's for my mom," he tells the waitress. "I'm just going to eat the fries." *groan*), he curled up, put his head on my lap and fell asleep.

We ate the mac and cheese today, along with the leftover rolls, more zucchini (from someone at work, mine are still mysteriously lacking in Big Fruit), and a steak we'd bought at the King Soopers that had been very expensive and was definitely NOT what we'd thought it would be.

Jet had a good time getting to school this morning, and we got there in plenty of time. We picked him up when he was riding a HUGE tricycle in the backyard of the school, and he was happy to see us. That was cool.

I got a massage in the evening and when Bonnie asked me what I needed, I said, "I'm TOTALLY STRESSED. So maybe just something soothing..." and she laughed, "When you did that you looked exactly like Jet." Hee. She's his Sunday school teacher on occasion, so she knows him pretty well. :-)

I am now less stressed. Whew.
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