Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Sweet Maria's Classical Italian Espresso Blend

Bought: As you'd expect, from Sweet Maria's. Their service is awesome and they do good enough packing of the beans that I think I'm just buying from them for some time to come. My tastes seem to match up with the main buyer's pretty well, so I have really enjoyed what I've gotten from them.

Roasted: 30 seconds into second crack, a solid Vienna roast with oils on the surface and everything.
Brewed: For the last week on the MC40 with a good 20-30 lbs pressure on the pack, at the espresso grind notch of the Solis Maestro.

It's all been good. I'm still getting crema a week after the roast. Most espresso fanatics say that three weeks is too old for good espresso, a week is about the limit. The Vivace only lasted three days for their sweet spot on crema and taste.

This stuff provided lots of crema all week. It's not all sweet, but the bittersweet is more like bittersweet chocolate. Lots of good low notes, great body, sweet aftertaste, no sours but some fruit (blueberry says the nose brain) acids to balance the caramels. No burnt tire or fuel oil tastes, which the Vivace blend would sometimes give. (Yes, I'm mostly comparing this against the Vivace as I've only gone through two or three pounds of espresso since I bought the machine).

The crema production allows me to do my first, rudimentary tries at latte art and it always tastes great in my milk drinks. I haven't had any off tastes or scents from this stuff, and the half a dozen folks I've brewed espresso drinks for have said that they like what I've done with this.

So I'll give it a 9 of 10 for ease of use, texture of the results, and the taste.
Tags: coffee, review

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