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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee - Mavis Bank

Bought: From Blue Mountain Coffee, before I'd ever heard of Sweet Maria's. Yes, it's at a crazy expensive price at the moment. I think I paid around $35 for the 3 pounds, more than two years ago, rather than the $55 it's now at, but with the hurricanes going through there, the coffee crop for the last couple of years was very badly damaged and diminished.

Mavis Bank is one of the mills that collects coffee from the various growers and does the processing on it. They're the only mill that does it at altitude. They're likely one of the largest, taking in about 40% of the beans produced on the Blue Mountain. Roasted prices for the coffee now go on the order of $40 a pound. I'm actually rather impressed that Sweet Maria's tasted this last year's batch and decided it just wasn't good enough and aren't carrying it at all when the margins are so huge at the moment.

Roasted: This morning, five minutes before I ground and brewed it. I started at the "cool" setting for the FreshRoast and once the beans yellowed, I went to the medium heat setting. Half the beans I did at a City Roast, i.e. just at the end of 1st crack before it goes into second. The second half I did as a Vienna roast, well into 2nd crack so that the oils are on the surface. Having both gives me both roast characteristics and the bean characteristics, what there are of them.

Brewed: SwissGold one cup filter. 2 Tbs beans ground two notches finer than normal drip coffee, about 6 ounces of boiling water (203). At sea level you might want to let the water cool a little from 212 down to about 200.

Yeah. The big question. "Is it worth it?"

It really depends on what you want. Blue Mountain Coffee is smooth, mild, mild, mild, nearly creamy compared to nearly any other coffee. No acid, no bitterness even if roasted nearly to carbon, just smooth coffee flavor. It's got a nice, medium body, great aroma and fragrance both wet and dry, very little prominent acidity, and a very creamy, mild aftertaste or finish.

No flowers, no fruit, no earthy mustiness, no chocolate, no nuts or trees or...

Nearly no flavors other than the central concept of what coffee, alone, is. Completely undistracted, it can be, on one hand, extremely boring, and on the other, the essence of what coffee, alone, should be. Depends on your point of view.

At $10 a pound, pre-roasted, with about a 30% weight loss from roasting, it's quite well worth it. At $40 a pound... for me, it's a "No." I'd rather drink my Papua New Guinea or the Brazilian Cerrados or my Australian Mountain coffees than pay $40 for this. It's very nice, and I enjoy it a great deal, as you can see from my rating and I need to drink this stuff before it gets too much older. But I wouldn't buy more at these prices.

Rating: 9 of 10
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