Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Australian Mountain Top Estate XF

Bought: From Sweet Maria's in a one pound sack on the recommendation of the buyer in their description of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

Roasted: This morning, only a few seconds into second crack, just before oils have formed on the surface, but the beans are quite dark.

Brewed: 7 oz 203 degree water, 2 notches less than drip on the Maestro burr grinder, through the Swiss Gold filter.

Ground characteristics: Wonderful dry aroma, like chocolate and caramel roast scents. Wet is nice, too, just like "coffee" should taste. :-)

I can drink this black. I don't usually drink my coffee black other than for a tasting, but I am enjoying this coffee black. Sweet and bittersweet chocolate notes, including the mild acidity of good chocolate. This has more acidity than the JBM, which is why I rate it a bit lower for my tastes and it's not a fruity or citrus acidity. which I'd like. But it has the same medium body, near complete lack of an aftertaste, other than a very, very low hint of licorice at the very end. The notes say that this will also make an excellent espresso, so I'll probably try that, too.

It is another island coffee, so it's light and mild and pretty good for that. With a bit of milk the acidity goes away completely, which is why I try to taste for this with no additives.

I think that if I hadn't drunk the JBM yesterday I might not have been as quick to note the differences... but so it is.

Rating: 8 of 10

Revisited 24 Aug 2005: With a day's rest this got a lot, lot better. No acidity, nothing off at all, just a pure, clean cup with a bit more chocolate bittersweetness than the JBM. I'll revise it to a 9 of 10 and I still have to try the espresso straight.
Tags: coffee, review

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