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On Monday, when John and Jet were doing errands and went to a computer store to buy some RAM for our old Pentium 2 machine, Jet found two Hot Wheels DVD games in the $1 bin at Comp USA. One works on the old machine, the other works only on the new machine that's up in the office.

Since I moved my scrapbooking stuff into the office and John actually moved some of his laptop docking equipment up into the office, the three of us have been spending a lot more time up in the office, which has been great. There's no TV there, so there's not even the hint of a temptation to turn it on. When Jet's playing his games, there's always a musical accompaniment, and when he's not playing, I turn on iTunes and we have music and a light show. Jet's now starting to bring all his toys into that room as well, at least his Legos, Zoobs, and other building toys. He sits down and builds and occasionally asks us to help with something, but, on the most part, he's content to work on his stuff as we work on ours.

So I now have everything from the beginning of our road trip to the day we stepped into the Alpenrose Inn in Vermont scrapbooked, and I'm gradually getting better at stuff. It's been great. Jet's starting to help with some parts of it, like rounding corners, critiquing layouts, and helping me pick colors for mattes. :-) It's been fun to do it together and it always feel pretty good when Jet says, "Wow, that's COOL, Mom."

Both John and I have found the boundaries testing kind of wearing, but we both found something to deflect it, if we both ask him, "Please help us with XYZ." he gets all helpful and wonderful and we all have a good time. Jet's definitely into helping with cooking even when it's something he won't eat yet, like tuna noodle casserole with a ton of veggies. He's really into it if it knows he wants to eat it, like making fresh pasta. So I'm trying to find more opportunities for him to help and feel really proud of what he's doing.

He's also been in a kick of "MomDad, can you please put on my clothes for me?" But John and I found our own ways around it. I started putting all of Jet's clothes on backwards, sideways, through the parts that can't fit, and that made Jet giggle and go "Noooooo!" and do it right, himself. John challenged him to take his pajamas off and put his clothes on in less than TWOOOO minutes! :-) And Jet did the ticking himself as he did the quick change.

Then, yesterday, when I picked him up at school he was so proud when he announced to me that "The yogurt tube ex-PLODED ALL over me! So I go to the bathroom and changed myself, pants and shirt, all by myself!"

*giggles* Happy boy. So we're finding that he's really proud of himself when he does stuff, so we need to just challenge him more. It's a good turn of events.

The other thing is that for the past month, Jet's been favoring me, this time around. No Daddy, I want Mommy! It's odd to be back on the other side of the fence again, and I'm careful to give John chances to do what needs to be done and correcting Jet when he gets too harsh about how much he doesn't want Daddy. We're having to work really hard with Jet on getting him to articulate what he *does* want, and not dwell too much on things that went wrong or things that didn't go exactly as he wanted. That's been hard. Especially since I've had that same tendency all my life.
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