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"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."
George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950)

Though, I'll readily admit that, right at this moment, I'd rather be doing nothing. I seem to actually still be in the midst of my Pit of Despair, climbing out only when Jet tugs on me. "Mom. I love you. Are you not mad anymore, are you?" "You're right, Jet. Thank you."

I took care of him last night while John was at the church for a meeting. Dean took the two kids for a while and they played over there quite happily until 8:30, when I went to get Jet, and Mikayla wanted to come over to our house to play. And eat some ice pops. I need to put more back in the freezer. We played Chutes and Ladders.

When Dean came to get Mikayla, Jet and I played with the Hot Wheels video game, where he gets to drive around already created tracks and then create his own. It was fun to just get into that and not think...

... but sleeping last night was hard. I didn't feel like I did, though some time dropped out, mostly I just had the sensation of THINKING ALL THE TIME while I was lying there, about the colors Mikayla wanted in her socks and how to screw up her socks, about a half a dozen work things and how I was screwing them up, about how to build a lime green slime car build with Zoobs... okay... maybe that was a dream...

Maybe it's just PMS getting me down a lot more than it used to. Maybe it's post-partum on my big projects. Maybe it's just being allergic and tired, still... I'm just down.
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