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Just finished potting all the newspaper potted rootings I did a month or so ago. They all rooted. They all rooted to the point where they're sticking roots into each others paper pots. I pulled them apart and put them into their own pots and was mildly flabbergasted to find an earthworm half in and half out of the bottom of one of the pots. It was alive. So I stuck it into one of my herb boxes outside, covered it up so the birds wouldn't get it. I expect some bird dropped half a worm into my potting dish and the worm counted itself lucky... or something.

Jet's out on the porch, in a plastic wash tub of warm water, happy as a clam. It's nearly 90 out, so he's warm enough, and cheerfully pouring a whole bottle of Blues Clues soap into his "outside bath!" Happy boy.

I'm... better. It was PMS. I think I'm going to have to get used to the idea that it's hitting me a lot harder than I thought it has since Jet was conceived. Watch out for it in the coming months.

Spent the morning at church, first the service, then the youth car wash, which had a bit more enthusiasm than expertise, but it was fun to just stand around watching other people work and talk to each other about stuff. That was fun.

John and Jet went to Boulder to get John some bike parts, so I have had some time to myself for the first time since last Tuesday. I needed it pretty badly. The plants were one thing and I haven't touched the scrapbook for a while. I did find a "Scrapbooking for Idiots" book at the library and have been plowing through it steadily. Lots of stuff to learn about what makes things archival. I know that Tonya doesn't worry too much about the things lasting decades, but I'd like to know that I'm making the right choices with some things. Coho salmon for dinner tonight!

Yesterday was waffles for breakfast, and then a baby shower for some pregnant friends. The lady of the couple, however, had gone to the hospital yesterday, and the doc says she's strictly confined to bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy. Aiee. Her husband came to the shower, armed with a celphone with photo capabilities and a speaker so she could talk to people. That was sweet. I took a lot of pictures, and I'll probably put them up on Yahoo! and point various people at them that were at the party or threw it. It was fun. But it was social, and after we were done, we went home, and Jet fell asleep on the way, and I fell asleep as soon as we got into the house. I slept for three hours.

That's when I realized I really was sick, with a pretty nasty headcold. Bleh.

Spent the time after the nap getting some yarn and stuff together as I promised Mikayla a pair of socks in her favorite colors. Then we went to Sakura's for dinner, and Jet cheerfully plowed through a pretty big rice ball using his chopsticks! I was very impressed. I just had some salmon, a Devil's Tower (one of their specialties), and a pair of flying fish roe with quail egg sushi. That was all I needed.

Jet and I played video games when we got back, and mochi ice cream balls lured him upstairs when my hands gave out. With the spinning and knitting, my left hand is doing a lot worse than usual. I actually had to ice it for the first time in quite a while.

Friday was Jet having the same cold and being pretty grumpy about it. We managed to go the library, but that was about it. I roasted a turkey at home, and we ate it for dinner. It was a bird that had been frozen since last Thanksgiving, when they were selling 12 pounders for $2. It came out very nice, tender, juicy, and crisp skinned. We'll have artichoke heart casserole and other things in the next few weeks, along with a bunch of cold turkey sandwiches. Yum.
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