Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Bundle of Flu

Poor kid. We thought Jet was teething, as he had a pretty high temperature but no other symptoms, and he was pretty unhappy Sunday evening and for just a bit of the night. Then yesterday morning, Joan told us his temperature hit 104, but after she gave him Tylenol, it went down to 99, which is safe enough not to take him to the doctor's. He was then happy and played a lot, and took a long nap from about 3-5, which is when I went off to my massage, at 4, so we could get Kathy at 6.

When I got home, John was cradling a very unhappy and very hot boy, with a nasty fever that was about 103. More Tylenol and with Jet being that unhappy, we decided that John would go get Kathy and I'd take care of Jet.

I basically just held Jet for a good hour and a half and he got gradually cooler and cooler, and finally he wiggled in my arms in the way he does when he wants down, and when I put him down he started playing. Very happily. His temp was down to 98.9, which was much better, and he was cool enough to be happy about playing and just doing the things he normally does. His nose wasn't that bad then.

It was only in the middle of the night that I found out that his nose was a real bother to him, and I finally fed him some Dimatapp as well, and he passed out as soon as he could breath easily through his nose again. Poor kid. Thing is that since the temperatures do go down when we give him the Tylenol, the doctor really doesn't want to see him because it's very likely that it's just a virus, and they really can't do anything about viri. So we're just kind of stuck without anything we can really do for him, other than vacuum his nose occasionally, and give him Tylenol to keep the fever down and only give him the decongestant when he needs to sleep otherwise he'll never get rid of the viruses inside.

It's kind of sad that he's getting sick so often, and this one we can't trace to any of the other kids.

Kathy is here. Yay!

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