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A Good Day, If Hot

98 degrees and sunny when the weather prediction had promised a cool down tonight. Ah well...

I figured out more of why I've been depressed the last week or so. That was useful. Now to just get on with it. Got more involved in deeper problems at work and with some management issues that both John and I will be taking on extra work to help resolve. That's good. Looks like the new plan will disrupt as few people as possible and put one of my favorite managers into a position where his work will likely be better appreciated and acknowledged. Hoorah!

Went to Boulder to get the Passat, stupid dealer didn't do much more than say uhhhh yup... that ROM sure is busted and oh, yeah, it'll be $700 to have it replaced. Ha. So we just took it home, unfixed. John bought Italian subs and we ate at home, Jet ate and ran over to Tanner and Macy's and played all evening until 9 and I got to watch Queen of the Damned which I would never have been able to if Jet were in the house. John did big jobs up in the office. I knit. I watched some of the aftermath coverage, all the helicopter rescues and the flooding from the broken levees.

Really local news is that a local family has just taken on 30 relatives who lost everything in New Orleans and have just decided to relocate here to Longmont. They're been supported by the couple that own the Jug and Ladle (a sandwich and soup shop on Francis and about Mountain View?) and since their store is all 32 folks' only support, if you're in the area, please contemplate getting your lunch there. They have great pie. The First Congregational Church - UCC on the corner of Francis and 9th (where we go) is also taking contributions to help out the 30 refugees, if you want to know whom it is you're helping out rather than sending money to someone you'll never meet again to do stuff you'll never know about.

I'm exhausted. I need to sleep.

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