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Last week Jet moved from Preschool (2-4 year olds) to pre-K (only 4-year-olds) on Wednesday, which is the first day of school for most of the school districts around here.

First thing *I* knew about it was going to his usual classroom to pick him up and peering around and not finding him. "Uhm... where is Jet?"

"He's now in pre-K! Didn't you see the board?"

And there's this board by the new room. It's as big as one entire wall of one of the rooms. On it are all the names of all the kids moving into or newly joining the Pre-K classes. Jet's name is prominently on the Main Room Group. Ah.

Clueless Mom. Ah well. I pick up Jet and he's like, "I'm in Pre-K now!" Proud as a peacock.

There is still some "I don't want to go to school." stuff in the morning, but it's more of a resistance to any kind of change. He has some of that up and down the line, doesn't want to go out much, wants mostly to stay home and play with is friends and go to the pool or Rec. Center now and then.

This morning he was up at 2 and up at 5, and I got up both times as John had had a really hard time getting to sleep last night. So both of us were zombies and Jet's cheerfully telling us, "No! It's NOT Game School day. I don't have to go to school." Grrr... Argh...
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