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One Amusing Thing

Yesterday, when we were going into the house, one guys said, "Well, that's one thing, if they ask you if you can do housework, you can't say you don't know how."

I blinked a bit, "Uhm... I don't know how."


"I haven't cleaned my own house for... uhm... about fifteen years." I said.

He looked astonished.

We live pretty simply on the most part, but... well... I discovered after I started earning a salary and working 60 hour weeks that I not only had no affinity for cleaning my own house, but no desire to, especially with the limited time I had off from work. I did, however, know how clean a house should be and couldn't just let it go. So we hired folks. Usually local folks that just needed the money to do what they needed to do and most of them found satisfaction in cleaning up someone else's mess, which they had no emotional attachment to.

We've mostly avoided the chains, as they seem to gouge both the cleaners and the households, and just went by word of mouth. We've ended up with various folks trying to make a living. Presently we hire a pair of grandparents trying to raise a grandchild, and when they take sick days or vacation days, we're entirely understanding, and they're great. Seems that regular, paying customers are as hard to find as regular, conscientious cleaners, so when we moved from Erie to Longmont, they followed, quite happily, and at the same rate. I'm thinking of asking them if we should up the rate with present gas prices.

It's been good. But I can honestly say, now, that I really don't know how to clean a house.

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