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Since cleaning up the house I've now slept better than I have for a week and a half...

Yesterday we hit IHOP for breakfast (Jet had his Funny Face pancake AND a whole side of wheat toast) and then went to the Taste of Denver and it was hot and dry and there was food everywhere, and I didn't want anything but a small cup of crawfish ettouphe which was delicious, spicy, and filled with crawfish. Jet had a shaved ice. John had half a Rueben. We walked a lot, saw a crafting corner in the park where John said, "You could man half these booths..." papermaking, spinning, weaving, Chinese calligraphy... uhm... yeah...

We went home at 2, dehydrated and exhausted, and Jet napped while John and I watched Clear and Present Danger. The scenes with the admiral always made me cry. James Earl Jones is great. I'll admit that the Clancy novels have never made me want to throw them for a technical mistake and the personalities and characters in them were amazingly good.

I drank two quarts of water, sprayed on DEET, and went into the vegetable garden and chopped down the chives so that they would concentrate on building fatter roots, picked another bowlful of tomatoes, and found that the carrots are getting so big around that they're pushing each other out of the dirt. Wow. We had Outback takeout for dinner, as I was too tired to cook. Jet ate a lot for dinner, and when bedtime came he complained that he was hungry and had to eat something before going to bed. I think he's discovered that it's a useful delaying tactic, and we discouraged it last night. It helped knowing that he'd actually eaten more for dinner than he had in quite a while.

Sunday had ended with salmon on a cedar plank. This time, with the top closed while the corn was roasting, the salmon came out perfectly smokey, cooked through, and absolutely delicious. I just salt and peppered and coated the salmon in canola oil, then threw them on the pre-soaked and pre-heated plank in the grill and left the grill top closed for 10 minutes, turned the corn, left it for another 10 minutes, and it was perfect. Yum. I'll have to remember that for next time.
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