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Urgent Care

So Jet got another high fever at Joan's, and then it went down with some feeding and some sleeping, that kind of worried me, but by the time he came home he was cooler again. He'd had Tylenol before going to Joan's, so his getting another fever bothered me.

I'd gotten two hours of work in, and then when he came home, I nursed him and then Kathy played with him a little after lunch. He was fine then, but when I went down again to show Kathy how to feed Jet some solids, he was really hot again, and he didn't like swallowing the solid foods. He was very unhappy, protesting every time I put him down or when I handed him to Kathy to hold at all, he just cried louder. He had a 102 degree temp again. After three days of this, it was enough.

So I called his pediatrician, her schedule as completely filled up, as was the backup doctor on the pediatrician's staff, so they told us to go to Urgent Care. So I called John, and sent him an e-mail about Jet's condition and that we were going to go to Urgent Care. I also told him that the back tire of the Passat was low and if he could call me about where the pump was that I might be able to do something with it. He did call and told me to go to the station by Colorado 52, and fill it there and that he'd call me when he left work as well.

So we went out there, and the tire was down to 24 psi instead of being at 30 psi, so I filled it up and the car handled much, much better. We then went to the Clinic, and Kathy napped in the car while Jet and I went in.

Jet was much less miserable by this time as he'd had a nap in the car and the Tylenol had done it's trick. John found us in the waiting room and went in with Jet. He still had a 99 degree temperature, but that was nothing to worry about. The urgent care doctor examined him completely, declaring his ears clear, his lungs clear, and when she could finally get a tongue depressor into his mouth, that he had a sore throat, and that ibuprofen would be better for it than Tylenol. So she prescribed that and said that if the cold didn't get better in two days that we should have him examined again. On Thanksgiving. My.

Anyway... it looks like it's nothing dangerous, but they said it was good that we brought him in after the worrisome time. We all headed to Safeway and Jet had fun while shopping, and we got him pedialyte and food and infant ibuprofen. So we have specific things to do for him. Yay!

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