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Biked to work today, and biked to Qdoba for lunch with John and it was fun. I'm glad that we're in such close proximity to work, and work is in close proximity to reasonable lunch places. I did get dirt in my sandal while riding across a dirt field about to become a construction zone. That was fun, too.

Jet's a happy clam. He played all yesterday evening with Mikayla and Tanner and Macy and had rice for dinner with them, and he feels like he belongs with this gang. That's a great, good thing. He's been arguing a lot a bedtime and in the morning, again, but I think he's kind of getting it. He's not sure he likes his pre-K class, he liked his old teacher, Miss Toni, a lot. I need to make her something sometime in Spring colors as she's definitely a spring. He seems to like his new teachers, too.

I was in the playground watching him and one of the teachers came up to me and said, "Jet's a very imaginative little boy. While playing in the sandbox he handed me some sand and said, 'Here's some sushi for you.' I've been offered cake, candy, cookies and ice cream before but never sushi." She shook her head, "Sushi from a four-year-old."


Uhm. I guess that might say something about our eating habits, or something.

Just like the other night, we went to a handmade ice cream place, and John asked for a taste of the mocha chocolate. Jet then clearly asked, "I'd like a taste of the peach sorbet, please."

Sorbet. He then ate a whole cup of it, quite happily. I don't think I knew what sorbet was until I was in my 20's, if that... and Jet says "ban-illa" when he means vanilla, still, and knows how to pronounce peach sorbet...

When John runs the coffee grinder, Jet often asks, "Are you roasting coffee?" I can just imagine what happens when he goes out into the real world, "You mean you DON'T roast your own coffee? How can you drink that stuff from a can??" Ahem.

Jet is a picky eater. He'll eat things that will make some children run away screaming (Mikayla was completely disgusted by his cream cheese, shaved bonito, seaweed, and pork soong sandwich); but he knows exactly how he wants it and exactly how it should taste and feel. Given how picky I am about the qualities of what I eat, this should be no surprise. I just wish more of his tastes would line up with ours.
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