Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

A quiet weekend, all in all.

Friday Jet and I lolled about the house while the cleaners came and went. I knit and I read Here There Be Dragons and we finally got out at 3 after I finally lost it and got enough momentum to get us out of the house. McDonald's and the park until a thunderstorm came and rained hard on Jet. We dropped all the library stuff off at the library. Then we went to Boulder to get bio-diesel. Jet fell asleep on the way there, and slept while I helped the owner nurse the old pump through my mere dozen gallons. The Exhibition in front of me took 45 gallons, and a guy before that had bought 190 gallons to take him down to Louisiana to help with the relief efforts.

When John came home, we all got on our bikes and headed over to the Supercuts and all got haircuts. Jet kept saying he didn't want curly hair, but other than that just a little boy cut. The lady cutting his hair thought he was in first grade! And she had a fairly young child, so she knew what a kid should sound like. I got the back trimmed, all the crunchy, split stuff gone for my business trip at the end of next week. John got his buzz. A 2 instead of a 1. Hee. Jet then rode his little bike all the way home, singing as he went. He fell down three times, but he's so low to the ground and so light, he managed to scrape a few things, but that was all.

Saturday was the Farmer's Market in Boulder. John made a special effort to get me there, and I appreciated that quite a lot. I got all my knives sharpened for the year, and they are astonishingly sharp, now. I cut myself twice just trying to get one of the blades properly into its sleeve. One cut was from the cleaver and the knife was so sharp the cut wouldn't close until I stuck one of the waterproof bandages on it and kept the pinky in a slightly bent position for most of the day. Yeesh. The knife sharpener did a great job, all in all, and he retipped my chef's knife. John had dropped it a year ago, and the tip broke off. The guy was able to reshape the blade put a new edge on it and while I can tell it's shorter, I can't tell you where the new edge starts and the old one ends.

We got good stuff, there, the basalmic vinegarette, pine nut cookies, a few vegetables, spinach and mole tamales, garlic to eat and to plant, and I found some Ramboullet fleece from a guy that also sold lamb chops. It's an interesting cross between Merino and something much bigger, so the wool is very fine and of a good, long staple, usually. Something for lace socks or something. :-) Dark work socks, at least.

We had breakfast there. John got a cinnamon roll, I got a plateful of rice, mango, and coconut milk. Jet drank a smoothie and then ate some strawberries and then got grumpy, again, as there was no kettle corn guy.


We went home at about 11. Jet and John went off on a bike ride to a new bike shop that's really, really close. They had lunch there. I slept for an hour and a half, and felt like I needed it. Jet ate a whole hot dog while he was there. John brought home a bunch of literature. Jet ended up with a bell for his bike, and he rang it merrily. They stopped at Hugh and Anne's place, and Jet played Legos with Hugh for a good hour before they headed home.

Jet and I played Myst III: Exile for quite a while. We drew maps, got all the puzzles on the first island done, and found the three gate books for the next three worlds before John called us up.

At about 5 we headed to Niwot and met Tonya, Peter, Tanner, and Macy at the little Niwot neighborhood party. They had a couple of rock oldies bands, and they played away happily while everyone danced. There were a dozen different food booths there, and we had our dinner. John brought Jet's bike, and Jet was pretty good about riding it sanely between people, but then as it got later, he got more aggressive, so we took it through a parking lot back to the car. From there we headed back to Longmont, stopped at a Dairy Queen that had a big, empty lot, and Jet got to ride around to his heart's content. He only fell once, on a tricky ramp and curve, and the darned training wheels were causing him to lose traction when he leaned the correct way for the turns. We'll have to get those up a bit, soon.

Today was the first day of "normal" church schedule, i.e. Sunday School at 9 and then church at 10. It was my day for coffee, too, and I made a lot of it for the Sunday School parents, then for pre-service, and then for the potluck after the service as well.

I'd brought my knitting, and took apart one of the socks I'd been commissioned to do, as I thought it was too long, but then the lady it was for came by and she tried the "long" one on and liked it well enough... so I had to redo the toe of the sock I'd taken apart. BAH humbug. I didn't get it done before she left, so I couldn't give her the pair. But I got it done at the potluck. OK... while the potluck was cleaning up and being done.

I went home. John and Jet came soon after, and Jet wanted to ride back to Hugh and Anne's to play with them. So the boys went. For three hours! Eek.

I screwed my courage up and ended up doing three more scrapbook pages! Two were hard ones piecing together a number of John's prints from the top of Bromley Mountain. He'd taken pictures all the way around, and I tried to put them all together and barely managed it on two spread across two twelve inch pages. They worked beautifully together, and you can see the whole 360 degree view. Nice. There were more humorous pictures of folks at the top of the platform at the top of the mountain, so I put those together as well into a journaling page. That's one thing I'm pretty confident about, the journaling that goes into the book.

When the boys still didn't come home, I ended up calling the lady to tell her that the sock was done. Then I printed more pictures for the next few pages. I need to put a family tree together for the folks that made it and the folks that hadn't for the reunion, and put pictures for the folks that had, so a lot of "scrap" pictures may well go towards that.

They came home at about 4, and we sat out on the driveway and ate pink and white frosted animal crackers, drank iced tea, beer, and root beer, and watched the clouds, the local rabbit, and the traffic go by. It was pretty comfortable. Then the boys went into the backyard to play with Hot Wheels while I made turkey mole, steamed some corn tortillas, and cut tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese for tacos. The knives are now so sharp the lettuce didn't blacken at the edges when I sliced it. Yeesh. The tomatoes cut like butter. It's pretty exhilarating to have my tools back up to snuff. The Ace hardware guys had actually dulled my babies, so I'm very glad to get them back feeling like new.

John and Jet started harvesting the sunflowers. They're probably as mature as they're going to get, the stems are nearly all wood through, so it's probably time, besides some of the heads are dropping seeds onto my vegetable garden. The birds are getting most of them, but I'd rather they were harvested then scattered through my dirt.

We had dinner. Jet ate all his bowl of rice, quite proudly, and then got his gum and stuff. He and I went down into the basement and started playing Myst again, and have gotten through some of the energy planet/island. He likes watching me work through stuff, and the turn rate on scenes is slow enough that he doesn't have to track it all the time, like with Crash. He likes telling me which way to go and what to do, but he's not ready to take the controls, yet. He gets pretty frustrated with the touchy directionals. He loves watching me draw on the maps of the various islands. We took one of our ten cent spiral notebooks and are putting all my maps in there. It's pretty cool. I can't draw any of it to scale, so we just draw things that "look like" what the relationships are between the points, so we know which way to turn when we want to go somewhere, and that's good enough.

It's good having a child to admire ones art. :-)

Jet and I have talked through the fact that I'm going to be gone from the 17th to the 24th. He seems to have taken it in and knows I'll be gone for a while. I don't know if he'll be okay or not. John says John will be fine with the week alone, but I'll try and pick up more stuff before and after the trip to give John something of a break. He got a lot of Jet today and will have him tomorrow, too, but I'll be Jet support Wednesday. It's good to be able to balance it out.

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