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I'm going to San Jose for a week for work, starting on Saturday, and after a month on road there was something in my head that WANTED something to make boiling water with while traveling. Something more practical than my little coil that I can pop into a non-plastic mug of water that takes 15 minutes on a good day to boil water, and something smaller than my Russell-Hobbs electric kettle. I thought about buying a small electric kettle; but stumbled across the Sunbeam Hot Shot.

It's pretty cool. It does one thing and it does it really, really well. It's just a little too short for *everything* I want it to do, i.e. to put boiling water directly into a French Press or into my IngenuiTEA pot, but it can fill my Chatsford teapots and it makes tea that's too hot for me to drink! Yay!

Jet loved getting it to work, too, and had a blast working the buttons and playing with steaming hot water without the possibility of getting scalded. That's nice.

It's great for putting in a mugful of water and getting exactly that out, so I can just fill my tea mug with exactly what it will hold. Better yet, I can measure the mugful of water into the boiler and have it go into my Chatsford teapot for the brew, and the results fit into the mug exactly. Not something I could do by eyeballing my pour from the teapot. It always hits my old goal of only boiling as much freshly pulled water as I needed. Fun.
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