Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Five Questions Meme

(Meme as explained to me, I post the answer to her questions and you can respond by volunteering to have questions asked of you, and you post your answers on your lj.)
Thanks to archangelbeth:

1. What's the best part of being a mom, so far?
New discovery of so many things that I used to take for granted, seeing them all through new eyes and with a new head now that I have Jet to share them with. It's not the same with him as it was without him. His wonder and amazement is contagious and it's really astonishing and almost frightening when he turns that on me, when I thought I knew myself so well, he just turns those assumptions inside-out without even trying.

2. What's the worst?
Coming face to face with exactly how bad my temper is when thwarted and now knowing that I can't always sit on it.

3. What's the Weirdest?
Wow... there's been a lot of weird, but the winner? Finding that with enough experience breastfeeding and diaper changing become not just matter of fact but nearly a reflex that can be done in parallel with the most amazing things. I think it was when I was in a middle of looking for a book in the library and baby Jet was hungry and finding myself at a study desk feeding, reading, and getting odd looks all at the same time...

4. When did the Chinese year switch over in 2000?
February 5, 2000. It was the first day in the Year of the Dragon.
What's kinda cool and funny is that in 2001 it was lunar leap year, which adds a whole MONTH instead of a day, so the year went from late January, our calendar, to middle of February, our calendar.

5. Which fictional or RPG character would you like to be?
Eek. One?

First one in my head is Isa of Bujold's five-gods series, which might go back to all your mother questions. She was the one that said that perhaps children are the way the gods teach us of real love and the kind of love they have for us. And her courage amazes me along with Cordelia's. Except that Isa's son dies. I wouldn't want to do that. There are, however, thousands of other characters I'd have loved to be, including Sephar and Faber and quite a few of my Shadowrun (including Li and BT (the Big Troll)) and Champions characters (okay especially Whirlwind) that I ran for Carl Rigney and the Horde. Being one of Prachett's witches or even just being the little dwarf forensics lady (Cheery Longbottom, think her name is) in Vime's Night Watch would be cool too. I don't think I would aspire to Carrot, though I admire him, and I'm not depressed enough to be Rincewind. Jan's number one rival in Iron Wok Jan, I'd like to be her.

My favorite fictional character, though, I think, is Gaimen's Death. I'd love to be that quirky, wise, fun, and complete. Talk about aspirations... :-)

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