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Too Early

4 am is way too early for me. I'm not built to do that, but the boys had a 7 am flight, and it takes us an hour to get to the airport, so up we were at 4 to get out of the house as quickly as possible. Jet was impossibly cheerful after a mildly rude awakening when John just picked him up, pajamas and blanket and all and deposited him in the car seat. Gently... but it was cold out in the garage.

After Jet checked to make sure that everything and everyone was in the car he was happy to be off to Portland. He pulled their bag through the parking lot and to the check in. I went and checked in at United while they were busy at Alaska and we both met up at security to go through together. Then I went with them and we had breakfast, used the potty, and went to the gate. The doors opened to the plane soon after we got there, and Jet gave me "a hug and kiss each other and then wave bye-bye." And we did.

It's unusual to be able to see someone off and still have a legitimate reason to be behind security. So I'm now at the United gate, sipping a really bad espresso drink just to clear the caffeine addiction headache and still have nearly an hour to go before my boarding time. It was worth it, though. It was worth it.
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