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LJ Interests meme results

  1. baths:
    Me and water... I love it. I love hot baths with lots of delicious smelling things in the water. I am really into the Lush bathbombs, even the ones that fill my tub with crap I have to clean out, but especially the ones that don't. Like Sunshine my friends and family give me bubblebathes and I use them up so quickly it's always something good to give me. I love 'em best in the bitter Colorado winter days, when it's 0 degrees F, and I can't get warm, and my frozen toes scream when they first hit the water.
  2. espresso:
    I got both coffee and espresso in this list, so I'll just answer this one. I fell in love with espresso drinks back in the Redmond days, the milky heat and our favorite baristas (Victor and Jane) made for a quick break from the everyday run, run, run of work. Lately I've geeked out over it, and am not just into espresso drinks, but straight-shot espresso itself. Roasting the coffee myself, tamping, temperature controls, and brewing it myself. I love the whole zen-like path of trying to always better myself in the preparation of the most ephermial of items.
  3. gardening:
    My mom has a masters in horticulture, so I'll blame her and her vegetable garden when I was a child. I remembered the sugar snap peas and tomatoes, the never ending supply of garlic chives, and the interesting colors and textures of the Hungarian wax. The house always had plants, and I took a cutting of a philadenren with me to college. Eventhough it fell off an 8 foot high beam twice it never died. I still have it, repotted, cut countless times, and there are three babies of it around the house, including one that Jet is now taking care of. The vegetable garden has followed as a matter of course, tomatoes, rosemary, carrots, a random cucumber that is now threatening to destroy the zucchini. The show garden around the model home also needs tending and it's fun to discover how and why. And on an occasional weekend in the summer you'll find me gently and thoroughly tending the rose garden by the church, roses seem to thrive on attention more than anything. I love how swiftly and abundently plants provide.
  4. love:
    Love in all it's myriad forms, methods of expression, means of spreading just fascinate me. In reality, in stories, in movies, in song, it's one of those elemental emotions of humanity. I am always astonished by it.
  5. post-cyberpunk:
    Cyberpunk is dead, ever since William Gibson actually figured out how a computer worked. So I've been fascinated by the after growths in the genra that are not so punky, but still very cyber. I was involved in alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo and after Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash I found a different branching for the concept of cyberpunk.
  6. religion:
    Originally, this was due to hating all things religious and especially anything dogmatic. I've had a long, hard, and very twisty road with respect (or even disrespect) of religion. Suffice it to say that I reject authoritarian-based Christianity (Original Sin) but have found myself embracing creation-based Christianity (Original Blessing) with a footing of American Taoism and a fascination with how other religions play out in their followers needs.
  7. sleeping:
    I had a baby. Nuff said.
  8. strengths:
    There's a theory going around that it's better to hone your strengths and get to be the Best at something you're good at rather than trying to backfill or fix the things you're bad at. I'm all for that. The Gallup Publishing folks came up with a set of books on how to discover your strengths and I took the strengths finder quiz and came out with ones that fit me really well. Everyone I've met who has done this has a unique set of strengths and it's been amazing how well they fit. Plus it's been a great boost to my life to know what they are and to lean on them and use them and make them better.
  9. travel:
    Every once in a while I like just going somewhere. I've got about 40 of the lower 48 covered, Hawaii, several areas of Mexico, all the border provinces of Canada, been several times to England and Scotland (need to visit Ireland). But I like to do an in depth stay in a different place and really discover what's marvelous Right There and enjoy it to the hilt. I like discovering what's astonishing in a place that's new to me.
  10. Yixing Pots:
    Yixing clay is a very porous, fine grained clay. It makes great teapots. The open structure of the finished clay makes for great dead air pockets through the pot, so it insulates superbly and keeps the brewing tea as hot as possible. The pores also allow the tea pot to take on the nature of the tea, a venerated, favored old Yixing pot is rumored to be able to make tea simply by pouring hot water into it. The pots definitely take on the nature of the tea that is used within it. Yixing pots are made in all kinds of shapes as well, and since the usual pot only holds about 4 ounces, it is often fantasy in minature. Dragons peeking from eggs, the stumps of gnarled old cherry trees, happy lucky pigs, pumpkins with vines, a section of bamboo, a shaping of a Sutra are all represented in colored, layered clay. There is some really gorgeous artwork out there in the shape of a teapot. The best thing is that they gain character with use. I love that.

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