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A Good Evening With Friends

Yesterday someone bought me lunch for helping her with a problem she felt she never could have solved without me, so that was a good feeling. The lunch was Korean marinated and grilled short ribs so tender they fell off the bone. The restaurant gave me so many that I had plenty and more for dinner. So I just reheated them at work, still in the styrofoam box, and ate them there.

I had never appreciated how well the kitchens in Longmont were setup until I came here. The San Jose office has no silverware, no plates, and a very very old microwave that groaned when I used it. Poor thing. But I ate.

I then hit the yarn store in Los Gatos and found out how much more markup can be added when a store has really high rent. Oops. But it was a yarn I couldn't get at my local store back home, and it was green enough, so I bought it and went back to my room and knit and read The Hallowed Hunt. I don't like it quite as much as the first two, but I don't know if it's just because the first two books followed familiar characters and a familiar and interesting religious theme. This one was suddenly new characters and a new mental model that didn't fit my old feelings about stuff. Weird. It was good but didn't grab me the same way. So I went to sleep far too late.

Woke up to the alarm at 7, rolled out of bed and headed to my 8 am meeting and did a ton of stuff again. I also took my one direct report out to a Chinese restaurant with lunch specials and I was astonished to find honey roasted walnuts and prawns on the *lunch* menu, so I had to have them and they were very good. My guy then bought me ice cream at Cold Stone. Yum. I had a very cool and interesting interview after lunch, and a 1:1 with my boss, which was fun. Then the company had a kind of fair party outside, and I felt kinda lost as I didn't know anyone.

Luckily, I was to meet diony and yessod  and Carl in Mountain View at 5:30, so I escaped early. Heh... old habits when 5 is early... and met them at Chef Chu's and it was *wonderful* food. Whole fish in spicy garlic sauce, dry cooked string beans, honey roasted pecan prawns (had to have that again), pickled mustard green and pork soup, and tea smoked duck. It was all good and we talked gaming extensively and that was great. Then folks wanted to go to Cold Stone, and I was happy to. I had banana ice cream and Reese's for lunch and chocolate with brownies and pecans for dinner. I probably won't have breakfast tomorrow.

I've been doing serial cereal this week. Hee. The cafeteria uses the same tureens that they use for soup at lunch time for cream of wheat and oatmeal in the morning. So I just go and get a thick bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar (melting to gooey marvelousness in contact with the hot mass of cereal) and a few spoonfuls of raisins and one little half and half cup from the coffee station. It is a tiny bit of warm heaven in a bowl. And I'm willing to pay the buck and a quarter it costs rather than face the cold, free breakfast at the hotel.

 diony and yessod  had to go on to a gaming session so Carl and I headed into Mountain View and hit a pearl tea shop.  I remembered about lynchee jelly when I got up to the counter, so I asked for a mango milk tea with lychee jellies.  Yay!  They had them!  So I sipped that while Carl and I talked through some story ideas, game ideas, and just generally fun, play ideas.   It was good.  At one point, while talking about managing and kid wrangling Carl told me that I was *this* far away from GM'ing.  :-)  He may be right.

It was great to see all of them again, and be able to escape the party early.  I should probably go to sleep.  It's been a good week, very, very productive but also really tiring. 

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