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Sometimes I will be having a meal or just doing a hallway talk with some of my co-workers and they'll be talking about how impressed they are that I actually talked with dragon a, b, or c about a pet peeve of theirs, and I'll shrug and say, "Well, I was terrified, but someone had to do it."

They're always surprised that I'm terrified, "But you LOOK completely calm and collected and you handled them really well..."

and I'll say, "But I thought I really lost it with Dragon C. I rose to the bait and argued with him about x, y, and z."

And they'll get all wide-eyed, "But Dragon C was utterly unreasonable and I thought you did great getting what he really needed out of him and following up."

And I'll blink, "But... uhm... oh." Silence for a bit, "Thank you for the feedback, it's good for me to know when I did well."

"You did great."

I'm STILL terrified, but I did great.

Life is weird, sometimes...
Tags: courage

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