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The Altitude Got Me

I came home Saturday afternoon, and we hit the grocery store on the way home as well as the farmer's stand for some corn. So I spent the evening cooking in my own kitchen, with my own grill, and made my own food and it was good for all of us. I put Jet to bed, and we had a good, quiet evening of all three of us showing each other what had changed while the other one was gone, including a showing of Lilo and Stitch 2 that had me crying at the end.

Then we woke up at 7:30 ish to even have a chance at getting to church on time and it was WAAAY to early for my body. But I managed it and went and knitted while Jet Sunday schooled, and John recharged the battery in the van, as it hadn't been able to start that morning. We all left during children's chat and headed home where we met up with Bob, Mei, and Andrew and then headed down to Denver and Federal and Mississippi to go to Pacific Ocean restaurant, where we had delicious seafood, fried rice, pea shoot greens, great soup, and two enormous crabs. We talked a lot, and Andrew was great and entertained Jet with his celphone's games. On the way home I passed out as I was so tired and full.

Jet slept a little, too, and when we got home John took a nap while Jet and I went to Target and got Jet his Lego spider for his ten stamps. All the names ended in -rak and I giggled and said, "Hey, Jet did you know that spiders are arachnids? That's why they all end in -rak..." He echoed, "Arachnid." quite cheerfully. There was one worker there who asked me if he could help me find anything and he was extremely patient with us as Jet thumbed through his catalog to show him the thing he wanted. So there's something I have to put on the Target feedback site.

We went home, Jet and I went downstairs and put together the spider while watching Lilo and Stitch 2 again. I think Jet's watched it a dozen times since he and John got it. When it came to the end, again, I said, "I'm going to cry again!" and Jet's like "No no no no crying!! Here! I'll get you a million million tissues so you can't cry!!" and he went to the tissue box and got a HUGE wad and pushed it against my eyes and by then I was giggling so much I certainly wasn't crying.

It's a deeply plot-flawed movie. Badly flawed for some reason that I can't put my thumb on, but there's something really basic missing. It has the parallel bits but incongruent bits with the Hawaiian legend. So much of what happens is completely out of Stitch or Lilo's control, really, that it's oddly wrong. Maybe that's it. That Stitch goes evil for reasons beyond his control as a model or something for Lilo losing her temper is just basically, fundamentally wrong. There are beautiful bits and great bits of sibling fighting, and I'll never say no to hearing Jason Lee's voice. :-) So I don't mind Jet watching, but having him watch it two or three times in a row is WAAAY to much for me.

John took a bit of a turn when he got up and wanted to ride the exercise bike. So I went back to Target and returned some yarn that Jet had wanted me to buy but which was very cheap and didn't seem like it would wear well at all, even if it might look pretty for a bit. They were quick and fast with that, so that was good, too.

When I got home, I made a quick dinner and we ate. Then John needed a shower, so Jet and I played Crash together. That was fun. But it left me with a blinding headache that I could feel was going to go migraine unless I stepped on it Right Then, so I downed a couple of ibuprofen, put Jet to bed, and went to bed myself as soon as I could. I'll admit that reading bits of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone relaxed me a bit and calmed both of us enough that Jet went right to sleep, and I had no trouble following.

What was trouble was trying to get up in the morning, especially since Jet was up at 2 and 5 coughing hard. He has a cold, I think, and his nose and throat seem to be bothered by something. Or maybe it's just that the air needs some filtering or something. I should run the house air cleaners... anyway he was up because he was coughing, and I helped him go back to sleep both times, so when the alarm went off at 7 and John tried to wake me up, I sighed, got up, went to my bed and told him to just email folks that I was not coming in this morning. Period. I then slept until I had about 14 hours of sleep and finally felt faintly human again.

I'm doing better, finally, after that tremendous sleep. But the altitude is really getting to me, and I am aching and tired and cranky, and mildly dehydrated and keenly feeling the lack of oxygen. I took my iron supplements, other vitamins, and am drinking plenty of green tea and immune system boosters. I got through a lot of work things I had to get through this week anyway, but by telecommuting and not getting interrupted. So that was really good. I didn't have to deal with all the meetings and I got a lot done even though I had only half the day I normally would.

My headache isn't as bad, but it's still there. The green tea seems to help.
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