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I had a good Birthday

Adversity does teach who your real friends are.
Lois McMaster Bujold, A Civil Campaign, 1999

Ha. Bujold in the quotes collection. Does give one hope.

Friday was a lunch for a small group of folks that worked on the Big Presentation that was given the Monday I was in San Jose. Friends in adversity. Jet came with and behaved pretty well until he was done with his food.

Saturday we all started a little late. I worked on the scrapbook. Jet played. John made breakfast when he got up and then we all headed to Costco and did Big Damage to our checking account. Came out with a mildly astonishing amount of food. Yum.

At 2 we helped at the church in setting up seats and moving coffee equipment. Jet was great. He was a real trooper, whenever I gave him something and told him exactly what to do with it he did it. He moved a dozen vacuum coffee pots, and carried two of them the whole way around the church to the Fellowship hall. Then he ran around after Dad for a while, and then lay in my lap while I knit as John moved the last of the stuff. He didn't quite sleep, but the rest was good for him.

At 5 we hit a neighborhood block party given by friends of ours, and Jet ran around with the other boys until he was staggering. We biked there and when it was dark at 7 we biked back, and Jet and I watched a Hot Wheels cartoon on Cartoon Network, and he lay on my yoga mat and watched the TV quietly while I knit. Went to sleep without much of a fuss.

Sunday morning was John's Big Thing at church. Something like a dozen different charities came to explain what they were about and get folks to sign up. The service, itself, was held in the Fellowship hall and messed up the music folks, badly. Most of the folks that went to it, however, seemed to have really loved it. I did not see any of it. Jet decided to just run mad after his Sunday School class and was running away from me around the Fellowship Hall, screaming as I finally caught him and grabbed him by the shirt and had to haul him away. He was crying, and I knew that folks were looking at me, but I couldn't for the life of me, figure out any other way. He's just so used to the Fellowship Hall being where he plays tag and stuff with other kids.

We played toys and then did Play-Doh with Miss Bonnie's help and he kind of calmed down. Kind of.

He kind of made up for being so great for all of Saturday by just being pretty crazy all day with either John or I. We went home, and I got to open my birthday presents, which was cool.

Kathy gave me The Really Useful Book, UV light and all. The new batteries worked far better than the ones that were in it, and all four batteries fit just fine and were REALLY bright. Mom and Dad gave me the Anthony Bourdain cookbook from Les Halles (hoorah, cooking strategy and battle plans! Yes, his description of Julia Child meets Full Metal Jacket is appropriate for the book) and the Three Kingdoms boxed set, which I'm looking forward to reading. John and Jet gave me a cool gift certificate to Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins. David R. gave me one, too! Wow. It's great having my allowance as I now really appreciate any additions that are made to it, especially in the case of fibers and yarns. I love it.

John also promised green coffee beans. Yay! Yum. Happy me.

The boys then immersed themselves in making my birthday cake (zucchini chocolate cake. Yum!) while I buried myself in the scrapbook again. I want to get it done before John's parents come. I don't know if I'll make it, but I did another half a dozen pages and am about two-thirds of way through the reunion, or at least the time when nearly everyone was there. I still have to do the whole trip back, but I won't have David R or George's pictures to pick from as well for that part.

At 6:30, John called for an executive decision and we went to Sakura's for dinner. Sushi, lots of it along with a small plate of tiny strips of Kobi beef wrapped around scallions and grilled, and a big plate of tempura'ed vegetables in case Jet got interested. He ate a whole bowl full of rice with Teriyaki sauce (I need to make more of that), and was so tired that by the time we got home he refused chocolate cake and fought me every inch of the way to bed. I ended up giving him a ten minute shower (since he hadn't washed for pretty much a week), and after he negotiated an extra minute in the shower, all his unhappiness finally collapsed, and he went with the flow and went to sleep relatively quickly after three short books.

He slept in until well after 8, which is when I headed into work. My Dublin 1:1 has gone on leave until January for a well-deserved rest, and it's given me a bit of time off for a while. I enjoy my conversations with him, but it's nice to take a while getting up on Monday mornings.

Sent the Passat for service today, with the boys, as my meetings all dissolved before lunch time, so that was nice. I am here late so that I can just stay until my massage appointment at 5:15 and John's making dinner. It has been an unseasonable upper-80's during the day, but the nights are now Fall crisp. The leaves are all gold. I need to do some stuff to the vegetable garden to ready it for the eminent freeze. The carrots need to be pulled and I kept telling John to NOT buy the baby carrots as we now have dozens of not so baby carrots right in the garden that need eating. Mmmm... fresh carrots.

The boys did get the sunflower seeds hulled from the flowers and have ended up with about a gallon of seeds in the shells. We might toast some of them and feed the rest to the birds in the bird feeders. They were already eating them from the flowers, so it can't hurt. It's pretty impressive that 40-odd sunflower seeds in the packet turned into
a gallon of seeds. Nature's bounty. We've saved some seeds for next year. They did so well as sunshades for the tomatoes, I think I'll try it again.
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