Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Papau New Guinea

Bought: From Sweet Maria's, though I'm not sure exactly which plantation it's from as the bag is at home. I do know I bought it at the very beginning of 2005, the tail end of their PNGs from 2004, as I know they didn't start carrying PNGs again until recently.

Roasted: A blend of half City+ and half Full City+ (a few seconds into the second crack) on my FreshRoast machine, three days ago. I let it rest to get more of the rested Papau New Guinea body.

Brewed: Drip with non-bleached paper, 8 ounces of full-boil water (202° here at altitude) on 2 Tbs whirly ground (while the water was coming up to that full boil) coffee. I pour the water in a little at a time to get a good three minute brew.

Ground characteristics: Smelled great whole, ground, and spent, bittersweet, toasted chocolate and spice tones. You know how chocolate chip cookies sometimes have toasty melted chocolate edges? It smelled like those crunchy bits taste, without the sugar.

Brew: Creamy, full body with those toasted chocolate notes. A little date/raisin sweet, spiced (cinnamon) fruit body at the back of the palette, lingering but clean finish, no sour or musty notes.

Ever since my parents bought John a pound of organic PNG from one of their local roasters I've been hooked on these coffees, so when I saw that Sweet Marias offered one, I bought it and have not been disappointed since. Resting it definitely brings out the richer body and creamy mouth feel. John will still roast it until it's nearly burnt and brew it immediately, and he still enjoys it.

Rating: 8 of 10
Tags: coffee, review

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