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D is for Dinosaur

When I dropped Jet off for Pre-K he wore his Dinosaur hat in. He got it in Vermont. We were nearly thirty minutes late so I didn't know if they would still be in Circle and doing Show and Tell. But we tried, anyway, and Jet went into his classroom while I put away his lunch. He came running back to me, "They're STILL doing Show and Tell!!" And then he tried to stuff his hat into his cubby.

"But, Jet, you need to have it to show it to people!"

"I have to put it in my cubby!!"

"Jet. To do show and tell you have to SHOW this to them."


He ran back. The teachers and I were giggling. When I left he was bouncing happily along the edges of Circle with his hat in his hands.

The Show and Tells at Jet's school have to relate to the "subject of the week", and they're going through the alphabet, a letter a week. This week's letter is D. :-) Reminds me, intensely, of Sesame Street.
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