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We now have 22 pounds of carrots, big, fat, juicy, short stubby carrots, some of them four inches in diameter in our garage refrigerator. John went out in the rain, yesterday, and pulled them all up, pulled off the tops (yes, I know, some folk use 'em in soup, but we don't. ;-)) and I tossed the tops into the compost. I had a rather visceral reaction when I heard John dumping his buckets of root veg into the sink to scrub the mud off of them. The thumps are unmistakable.

Given that the seeds were about 79 cents, and, locally, carrots are about 79 cents a pound if you don't buy the bags of baby carrots, it's a pretty good deal. Kind of like Jet's gallon of sunflower seeds that we're cheerfully munching through, raw, recently. The birds might like 'em too, during the winter. And all of it was pretty much raised organically because I was too lazy to spray with anything (and they didn't need it) and after the compost dig I didn't feed that often as that seemed to stand most of the plants in good stead.

Isabel showed me how to make raisin salad last night, too. It's easy! Grate carrots, add raisins, spoon in enough mayo to moisten and, wah la! Even the huge around carrots tasted sweet enough that it was a great salad for eating with dinner (a melange of onions, sweet peppers, whole garlic cloves, and browned chicken that I de-skinned after browning and getting the good bits into the pan, and half a cup of white wine just to clean everything up into the broth. All on rice with freshly baked Rhodes cracked wheat rolls on the side). Yum.

On Friday Jet was great, and we went to the yarn store and he picked four different kinds of yarn for me, but ended up with a super-fluffy yellow, orange eyelash yarn that he then demanded socks and a scarf from. So I knit them for him that night, and he now looks like a partially turned Muppet monster at the feet when he stomps around the house in them. Yes. I need pictures.

I got orange yarn for Tanner's socks. I also found a set of double-pointed size 2 bamboo needles that are a true Joy to work with. Wow. I left the rest of the certificate on the store's credits card and I'll Be Back.

Jet then went with me to an Asian grocery store and was very patient while I shopped.

John came home at 1 (after leaving for work at 5 am. Ugh). We then went to the Westminster 24 and saw the Wallace and Grommet movie with the penguin cartoon beginning. It was fun. Jet loved it. I loved it. John and I giggled at the "Dogwarts" sign in the opening sequence. Okay... I giggled at the WHOLE opening sequence, especially the knitting bits. Then we giggled through the whole movie, and Jet loved it.


GO SEE IT! :-) And there's a few seconds of fun at the end of the credits. Not a lot, but it was a good giggle and Jet did not regret staying for it.

Saturday was Work On Stuff Day. John redid the van's brakes. I worked like crazy on the scrapbook. I'm 30 pages in and only just done with the hardest, reunion bits. When I first got to the reunion bits, I was stymied as I remembered someone else taking pictures of certain stages and I knew I had no pictures for that part of the gathering. Grr... so George and David sent me their pictures, and I was finally able to get past my initial freeze and whammed through the reunion parts. I learned about kaleidoscope pages and did a very nice one, if I do say so myself, of the Inn surrounded by the Blue Mountains. I learned about borders and how to apply them. I finally figured out that blank space is useful, and I am now mildly ashamed of my Title page, but I'll take another whack at it when I've finished the book, I think. Just to make sure I can do it right after all that.

Jet watched Saturday morning cartoons, I'm amused to say. I remember, as a kid, every Saturday watching cartoons from about 7 am to about noon, sometimes getting my own breakfast or whatever. Plus, I usually watched an hour or two after school most days and in the evenings as well. The Wonderful World of Disney was the signal for bedtime. Occasionally, with all the reports inundating parents these days about the Dangers of Watching Too Much TV, I wonder JUST how scary my attention span would be if I hadn't watched fifteen hours a week and if my saving habits would have been Even Better without the allure of commercials (am I missing something when folks say that commercials MAKE kids buy stuff that's bad for them? The last time I knew, one has a choice as to how one spends ones money), but that's kind of frightening to contemplate.

This was the first time we've let him do that, and he did great, in that he actually was good about eating his breakfast over his plate. He told me he'd eat anything for lunch and did so, and he used the potty whenever he needed to. He spent most of the time climbing the furniture, sliding down his TV chair, and drove Hot Wheels, trains, and other stuff around the basement.

So he was pretty content and careful about the whole basement area.

John and I, at different times, ran off to get stuff we were missing for our main tasks. John finished the brakes right at the time we'd originally said we were leaving for the airport. Jet came up eagerly when I said we were going to get Granny and Grandpa, and he got dressed, put on his shoes himself, and went to the potty with only a single protest. Whew. And then John had a bunch of things to cleanup to be really ready to leave, so I did a few things. Then we left. Jet and I fell dead asleep on the way to the airport. I woke up as we pulled into the parking garage, and helped lift Jet for the carry into the airport. We had dinner at Panda Express, and got chocolate shakes from TCBY and then waited for the grandparents at the waiting area.

We got there in plenty of time, and got them as they came up from the secured areas. Yay!

Home again, home again, and it's been good to have them.

Sunday was church and rain all day. That's when John did the carrots. I picked the tomatoes, covered things in mulch that really needed it, and the rain was pleasant and lasted for most of the night and today. It's a great, good soaking to get ready for winter. The trees really need a good soaking about now, it's nice not to have to do it ourselves.

Everyone but Jet napped a little. So by the time dinner came around he was tired and a little cranky. But after dinner he revved up in that "I'm GOING TO STAY AWAKE" mode that's just a bit too wild. But when I finally nursed him he fell limp fairly quickly and slept pretty well last night. Much better than the night before. I didn't do that well the night before, either, but that's okay. I'm tired enough to sleep tonight, I hope, and will try and insure it with some exercise tonight.
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