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Twenty Things on My Mind

  1. What? Only twenty? Wimps.
  2. Time had an article about a 60-year-old doctor's take on how to age gracefully and one of the things he mentioned was a Buddhist method of psychotherapy based on what he called the Buddhist premise that all misery stems from the mistaken separation of experiences into "good" and "bad" and trying ones damnedest to avoid the latter. I have many mixed feelings about this and thoughts that float in and out of my head on this, including "isn't that Taoist?" "what does that make my pursuit of coffee perfection?" "does bad coffee actually make me miserable? (not really, add milk and sugar to dead burnt badly brewed anything and it tastes okay)" "that's one of my root axioms" "it's what makes some people call me amoral or 'afraid to judge'" "damnit, I'm a P, I shouldn't have to judge" etc.... ahem
  3. Work is challenging and useful to many people. It is stressful and demands my full capability and I become sharper, harder, faster, and more abrupt because of it. Like a blade being honed I'd think it a mildly painful process for the blade but it becomes more of what it was intended to be.
  4. John is the rock to my blade. Hm... does that make Jet paper?
  5. My completely FULL ToDo list for today in my Franklin-Covey planner.
  6. Need to refill planner, the Collage setup looks cool in that I can reconfigure it the way I need to, yes, I rely on paper when my hands hurt too much.
  7. MUST make spreadsheet and questions today. I hate holding up other people on things that they need to do.
  8. Uncle Charlie makes very, very sloppy, delicious, sticky pulled pork BBQ sandwiches. There is a spot of sauce on my Hawaiian shirt to prove it, and a spot on my keyboard. Yeesh. Rub rub rub
  9. Keepsake Memories is not my kind of scrapbooking shop. It specializes in all the consumables and does very little for those of us looking for durable, flexible, configurable solutions for every situation.
  10. But... mmm... precision tip scissors.
  11. Kodak AND Yahoo! now have fifteen cent 4x6 prints for digital pictures! I can now do that darned kaleidescope with precision.
  12. A single page gives me an immense amount of satisfaction. To the point where I can now sleep at night when I finish a single page.
  13. Tea is good. Smoky Imperial Breakfast is very, very soothing and sharpening as well.
  14. Bonnie is out getting her third child, a girl adopted from China and it's a big thing for her. I'll admit that what's most on my mind, though, is "dang, no massages for a while and extra work is tying everything up in my hands." Right hand is getting tight enough I know it's going to go numb if I keep pushing.
  15. Luckily, today is my Friday. Yes, having a flexible work schedule is a blessing. I am thankful.
  16. Midnighters is very much a reflection of a side of high school life I saw late.
  17. It's good to be able to read Changeling Sea in an hour.
  18. I LOVE Robert Rodriguez's Rebel without a Crew as much for his message about how to do something you love without fear. It is absolutely amazing how much detail he puts in his diary on shooting El Mariachi.
  19. Overnight trip out in the mountains this coming weekend. The leaves will be turning, the snow is in the air already, and it'll be fun to have a break time outside the house with my family and John's parents. I'll get a chance to really read Rodriguez's book while Jet has four adults to keep an eye out for him.
  20. Eek! Snow! Must gather all the green tomato clusters up and into the garage to ripen... mmm... digging in the dirt...

It's a meme that's meandering about. No tagging from me, the idea is to just list twenty things on your mind.
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