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Kenya Auction Lot 668 -Kiaguthu Peaberry

Bought: For my birthday! :-) By my husband, arrived 10/10/05, bought from Sweet Maria's. I'd asked for a Kenyan coffee, just to see what the fuss is all about for Kenya AAs, but since he knows that I love peaberry coffees he bought it for me instead of one of the AA lots. The smaller berry often seems to equate to denser flavor and smoother qualities for me, though the Sweet Maria's guy says that the shape doesn't change the coffee qualities

Roasted: On Sunday (two days ago), Full City++, as I took it a few rattles into the second crack for a little bit of oil on the surface for both batches.

Brewed: 2 Tablespoons of beans in a whirly grinder. 8 ounces of boiling water (203° at altitude) through an unbleached paper filter.

Character: I love it. This is definitely not my usual bittersweet chocolate and burnt cream cuppa. This thing has bright, lively flavors but without, somehow, tasting at all soured. Grapefruit shading to licorice with a creamy body and quick, citrus finish. Surprised the heck out of me when I could not only drink it without milk, but actually liked it better that way! The scent of the beans confused me until I thought about licorice and spices and a little of citrus rind, like a curl of grapefruit rind in an espresso to cut the richness and balance it just right. With the wait of a couple of days, the body was dense and creamy and had this great coffee platform for the brightness.

Now I can see why some folks don't like Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee as much as this.

I doubt I could drink this all day, but for my single cup of the day it was a huge surprise and pleasure. I think I'll be trying more of the Kenyan coffees.

Rating: 10 of 10
Tags: coffee, review

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