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Weekend Ke-putch

Friday we went to Flat Irons and I got my Franklin-Covey refills for 10% off. The Tattoo Train (the Zip train, which zips around between the shopping areas) wasn't running frequently enough for us, so we skipped it and headed for the pumpkin fields. The rain stopped right when we got there, and everyone picked a pumpkin. Jet ran through the hay-bale maze a dozen times, ending up climbing onto the bales and just running around the edge from entrance to exit. He thinks like I do, why is it cheating if it gets you to the goal faster?

We came home to a completely clean house and a note from the cleaners saying they'd like to move to Wednesdays. So we shall.

We had sandwiches for dinner, and then carved all five pumpkins, each to the makers' way. We lit them and they were Good.

Saturday we got up way too early, and had to send Isabel and George to the airport. Jet said, "No more Granny 'Bell or Gran'pa George, that's so sad."

We stopped at Krispy Kreme to assuage our sadness, and they gave us free donuts. We bought milk and coffee and failed to resist the urge to get Just One More. A tiny lunch on the driveway at home, ravioli for dinner. And Fall has Fallen for Real.

Sunday morning Jet and John went to Sunday School. I woke up in time to get to church in time to hear John say to Jet, "You go into church or you get to go home." And Jet answering, "I wanna go home!" So Jet and I went towards home. John was doing OUR center after church, so Jet and I went and bought Cheese, ricotta, mozzarella, Mizithra, aged cheddar, and Jet insisted on some Baby Bels, which I don't really like, but he really wanted them and promised he'd eat them, really!

He got one when we got to the car, took a nibble and said, "It's too hot, Mom." and handed it to me. Sniff.

We played "Myst III: Exile" for a while. Jet loved the ice ball rollercoaster when we finally figured out the last puzzel on what he calls "The Ice Ball World." He's figured out that in Myst the main thing we do is run around and fix things. Sadly, we've lost the soft clues booklet. The interesting thing is that I seem to be doing okay anyway. We find things and fix them, and I even remember some of the things from before! To fit into various holes. It's very cool.

We had some lunch while playing, and when John came home, we started "Halloween cookies". Jet and I rolled and cut them, and I baked them. When John came in from vacuuming up all the leaves, he and Jet iced and decorated them. Jet finally figured out that he really should keep his fingers and hands out of his mouth and nose while decorating. It took a while and a few cookies before he figured it out and he was pretty tired. I did a very quick construct of lasagna with Barilla no-boil noodles

So he and I played a bit more Myst, with him lying on my exercise pad, and that seemed to be enough rest for him. He had some dinner with us and then everyone arrived for storytelling and all the kids went to Tonya and Peter's. Peter had to go to a soccer game, so an hour later, the kids all came back and there was much joyous screaming in the basement while we big people finished off. The decaf coffee was a great success. Amazing what roasted thirty minutes ago can do to even decaf. Much hot chocolate was drunk, and tea as well. They ate half of John's brownies and half of Jet's cookies and many of the pumpkin seeds, so it was a success. Yay!

I'm still sick, but recovering. Went to King Soopers and picked up a couple pouches of Emer'gen-C and am trying them. I like Airborne a lot, but it's expensive compared to these vitamin supplements. We'll see if they work, though.

As it is I'm still stuffed and tired and while I am plowing through a ToDo list as long as my arm, in anticipation of the next three days, while I'm in training, it's still harder than I'd like.

Fall is here for real, now, all the trees are golds of all shades and all the leaves are falling. Pumpkins are out, and the fields are showing orange. The air is crisp and my tomato plants were covered in frost this morning. Oops. I think I should probably clip all the tomato clusters that I want to keep and set them in the garage for ripening. Or maybe a paper bag with a ripe banana. That might work better. I got some incredible pictures of Old Town in it's fall glory. I'll have to try and load 'em up to flickr.


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