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I'm in the midst of the scrapbook, still. I had, originally, wanted to finish it before Isabel and George had arrived. Now John's going to Seattle next weekend, but I know I'm not going to get done.

I did manage to get through the bulk of John's family reunion, in Vermont, which had the most pictures. But I'm only just touching on the Atlantic, which was the East-most point of our journey. This is Jet in York, Maine, at the seashore. We had to stop there the morning after we visited with archangelbeth, because we were SOOoooo close. And it was good to touch the ocean...

But I'm now buried in pictures and my trip journal and trying to get them all to meet. My stupid perfectionist nature makes it harder and harder to step forward, as I'm learning more and more about matteing, lettering my banners, and getting the layout to look more interesting. I'll have to scan and post some of the pages I'm prouder of here, sometime.
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