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Jet and John had a good day together, yesterday, and John did a lot to try and conserve Jet's energy during the day. Jet got a good nap. They decided not to be crazy and go to Jet's pre-K Halloween party or to the party here at work. Instead, they stayed at home, played games, enjoyed Jet's little house in the basement.

But Jet really, really wanted to go Trick or Treating. I was uncertain. Fever. Sick...

John said, "But it's the ONLY time he'll get to do this all year."

And, yeah, Jet's going to be able to be sick a lot more often. Bad brain. Bad Brain!

Jet and I lit the pumpkins from when Granny Bell and Grandpa George came, and Jet delighted in their smiles. He also pushed down on the tops, quite firmly, to make sure they were 'closed'. He doesn't like cracks of light showing through the lids.

John bundled Jet up nicely after Jet ate a good, hot dinner, and Jet put on his plane and they went out. I sat at home, washed dishes, answered the door, gave out a lot of candy. Jet calls it "Selling candy to the Treaters!"

Dean and Mikayla came by about an hour later, and took their share, and Dean said that Jet was getting really tired, and they'd be by soon. And they were. Jet joined a bunch of kids and took candy from the bowls when they all got theirs. Then he shucked his coats and sweater and settled in the livingroom to "sort out his candy".

He sorted everything, lined them all up, like to like and proudly showed us each piece and asked us what they were. All 89 pieces. Pretty good rate of return on that trip. Yeesh. But he gently stacked everything on anything like it, and sorted it all out in a long line. I got a picture, but it's still in the camera. I'll have to flickr it. :-) It was pretty funny. Then he ate exactly three pieces and went to bed.

Jet was so happy he'd gotten to go trick o' treating, and, now, I'm glad that John made sure that Jet had such a good time. John was right. It was better to help him do what he'd love doing.

We gave him decongestant and ibuprofen and he slept all night for the first time in a while. I'm glad of that. I think part of my exhaustion and depression comes from Jet getting up four times a night for the last three or four nights. I slept better last night than I have for a while.
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